The Possibility of Alien Visitations to Earth

There was a television show broadcast recently called Ancient Aliens. This multi-part series examined the possibility that beings from outer space landed on our world many times over the course of thousands of years and helped to shape the destiny of the human race.

I found the series absolutely fascinating. I saw each part of this series several times. This show for me answered many questions that I had about man’s distant past.

Among the important points raised was that all of man’s great technological achievements over the past several thousand years were as a result of a cooperation between man and alien visitors.

A case in point was the great pyramids of Egypt.. It was suggested in the program that the Egyptians could not have constructed the pyramids using the available technology at the time, they had to have had help from extra terrestrials to construct the pyramids.

Another example are the Nazca lines in Peru, South America ,These line drawings of animals can only be seen from the air. The entire area looks like an airport with intersecting straight lines.Some of the tops of the surrounding mountains have been sheared off to make room for what appears to be landing strips for aircraft No known technology of that time could have accomplished such a feat.

There are 6,000 year old texts from India which describe flying machines called Vimanas. The Indian texts described how the Vimanas were built, how they flew and what they were used for.

My opinion of all of this is that- yes,,it is entirely possible that aliens played a part in the development of technology by man. It is equally possible however that mankind had developed super civilizations without help from extra terrestrials.

There is no reason why a technologically advanced human civilization could not have existed in the distant past say 20,000, 50,000 or 100,000 years ago.

The lost continent of Atlantis supposedly had technology equal to that of today ,with flying machines, technologlcal knowledge  and spiritual knowledge equal to that of modern man.

Which ever theory one subscribes to, the fact is that our entire concept of pre-historic man has to be revised. The notion that prehistoric humans were a group of savages walking around in animal skins carrying torches and spears has to be totally forgotten and revised.

As author Graham Hancock said in the Ancient Aliens program- “We are a species with amnesia, we have forgotten a major part of our past.”