The Power of Brainstorming

As part of my teaching the IIBA BABOK I teach my students a set of techniques including the brainstorming technique. Amazingly, every time I teach this technique I find that all my students did have misunderstood the concept all their lives!

The power of this tool lays in its capability of producing a networked power of session’s attendees’ brains. The facilitator is supposed to be of a very high EIQ so that he/she can drag attendees to offer their brain power as part of the produced networked brain.

I found that most conducted brainstorming sessions are nothing but randomly generated discussions that hardly elevate to the lowest levels of brain networking.

The success of the technique requires proper selection of the group, the facilitator, and the environment of the session.

In most cases, the facilitator needs to be able to produce both distraction and concentration efforts so that he/she can lead the group to spread out their wings of imagination or to focus better on one single idea.

The result is usually that you need to train your people on proper use of the technique and you need to select a highly qualified facilitator with a very high EIQ to achieve good results.

When properly used, brainstorming may not only lead to ideas for resolving existing problems; but also might lead to new scope of perspectives to new creative innovative ideas and thoughts. That is how humanity managed to build today’s civilization based on ancient human race brainstorming efforts.

I believe in the results announced by MIT regarding the value of brainstorming techniques and I know that as experienced it myself.

May be you need to start researching about the tool and its related techniques so that you can revise your understanding to start using brainstorming properly.