The Power of Choice

ThePower ofChoice

The ability to choose is quite a profound privilege we have as human beings. The choices we make cause us to be peculiar to and distinguished from others. It is ironically striking, however, how this perceived privilege that brings about standardization amongst humanity is unquestionably liable to account for the major differences amongst people. The power of choice is known to extend notably beyond every bond and ordinary limit, every commonality and the hope of oneness.

The notion that we are all one, relies heavily upon a shared perception and choice. The underlying truth is that, unless the choices we make individually are set towards a shared goal, this notion of oneness is nothing but an expectation leaning towards the dome of unrealism.

The intricacy of choice can be seen extensively, in the world around us; a world rich in diversity. Knowingly, choices do not stand alone; they are accompanied by consequences; good or bad. As human beings, we have the advantage or ability to form a mental image of the effects of our actions, thereby allowing those actions to fall in line with the concept we hold, abstracted from the effects we envisage.

A glimpse of our external realities, however, imposes upon rational minds, the question of what influences or rather, is responsible for the choices we make. An arguable conclusion to this question may be that choices are derived from a functional system of values, but the real question to be rationalized is whether values precede choices or choices precede values.  Either way, choices are the most fundamental self defining element there is and demands careful consideration before execution. In as much as we choose to live, we live to choose and the choices we make daily determines how we live.