The Principles of Art As Applied in Home Design And Arrangement

There are certain principles of art that could be applied in the home. Using these art principles, you can establish orders as well as beauty in home arrangements or design.

The harmony is the principle of art that makes an impression of unity among the subjects that are included in a design. Harmony creates oneness in impression. To be able to establish harmony in a particular design, you should properly select those materials that are consistent with each other. You should also arrange those materials consistently. The idea of the design should also be consistent. (mobiles skins reviews)

In order to establish consistency, you should make sure that the materials that you will going to use have resemblance between each other. It should be evident on this process that when the materials in use is arrange, these materials may create an order of line that follows the shapes of the materials or it may follow the shapes of the general design. There are about six aspects of harmony namely; the lines, the form, the texture, the color and the idea.

The balance is another principle that could be applied in home design and arrangement. The application of balance can establish an impression of rest and stability in a design. One of the ways of establishing balance is to put some identical objects on both side of the arrangement and design. This will establish balance in the eyes of the viewer since the viewer sees the same objects on both side of the design.

Rhythm is another art principle which shows organized movements in a particular design or arrangement; even though the objects used are not moving, it seems like it shows movement in the eyes of the viewers because of the applied rhythm. With this, when looking in the design, the eyes of the viewer or observer may be carried from one place of the design to another. There are certain techniques that are used in order to establish rhythm such as the repetition of the shapes, the progression of sizes and the continuous line movements.

Emphasis is also a principle of art that makes the eyes of the viewer carried from a point in the design or arrangement going to the most important part and from the most important part going to the other details of the entire design. There are certain techniques used to established emphasis, these are to ask oneself on what to emphasize, how to emphasize, how much to emphasize and where to emphasize.

Proportion is the art principle that showcases space relationships. The principle of proportion is used to establish good spacing between two or more objects. Establishing proportion in design or arrangement can done better through using or adapting certain standards.