The Principles That Guid Marriage

The principles guiding marriage

 Marriage is the oldest and most respected of all social institutions, honour is attached to marriage by every race and generation alike. However marriage is ordained by God. His plane for marriage consists of one male and one female who become “one flesh” this instruction excludes adultery, fornication, polygamy, lesbianism, homosexuality, immoral living and divorce. Flesh here implies, fellowship with the body as a medium, thus, setting forth marriage as the deepest corporal and spiritual unity of one man and one woman.

Taking Eve’s creation account as an instance, God observed that it was not good that the man should be alone, by implication, God indicated the incompleteness of man or woman apart from one another, and sets forth marriage as the means for them to achieve completeness.

What is marriage? It is a legally unity by which a society recognizes the right of a man and a woman to live together and have stable sexual relationships.

The principles of marriage

1: Love; it is the number one principle of marriage, every couple must abide by this principle for it is very important in all marital life. Husbands should love their wives for it is a divine mandate that must be obeyed if any marriage will succeed. We are not ignorant of the stubbornness of some housewives, their weaknesses are also noticed, but the love of a husband for his wife should be unconditional. No amount of excuses is capable of justifying the husband who does not love the wife. Love has the following attributes.

A: Love is not jealous

B: Love is patient and kind

C: Love is not irritable or resentful

D: Love does not rejoice at wrong, but rejoices in the right

E: Love is not arrogant or rude

F: Love bears all things, believes all things, and endures all things.

Remember that you have to leave your parents and other friends and cleave only to your wife so that you may remain one with her until death.

2: Submission; it is one of the indispensable ingredients of a successful marriage. You should understand that the absence of submission detracts, and encourages robbing of shoulders, disorderliness and power tussle.

Submission is here by defined as the state of deciding to submit. You deciding on your own accord without fuse to submit anchors this characteristics humility, gentleness, patience and tolerance.

The wife must submit to the husband’s responsibility of leadership in the family, it is the God-appointed task and duties to her husband. She should love, respect, assist, develop a gentle and quiet spirit, she should be a good mother and a homemaker. Why the husband must submit to the needs of the wife in an attitude of love and self-giving. With this mutual understanding of submitting one to another, rancour will be absent from your marriage.

3: Honour; there are many social reasons why the wife should honour her husband. The husband irrespective of his social statues, educational background, stature, and wealth must be recognized as the leader of the family. He is the one who initiated the marriage and fulfilled all marriage obligations, culturally and sacredly. Why this same man brought the wife into the home and takes care of her. Mind you that the man is the crown the woman therefore he must be honoured, respected, obeyed, and satisfy.

4: Faithfulness; the word  faithful implies, being constant, dependable, devoted, honourable, incorruptible, loyal, steadfast, true, unswerving, accurate, reliable and trustworthy.

Faithfulness in marriage is very essential, no marriage can do without it, and any unfaithfulness in marriage could lead to misunderstanding, fighting, sickness, death, and divorce. It can as well expose the family to the public, thus, revealing their family secrets. So to avoid this you must be faithful to each other.

5: Tolerance;  it is important in every marriage as an antidote to misunderstanding, when misunderstanding come in to the family like a thief the only security that can canter it is tolerance. Mind you that both of you are human with the unseen nature that must manifest itself through  words, actions, attitudes, responses, appeals, approaches the valleys and hills in marriage. So you both must have to be tolerance for your marriage to be evergreen and enjoyable.

6: Forgiveness; it is said that no offence no forgiveness for when the offender offend, that forgiveness is required. Mind you that human don’t forgive sins but faults and there is no man on earth that is without fault. So in a family set up, both partners should understand their imperfections. Both of you should not have the heart register where offences are written down your forgiveness should be without remembrance.

7: Children upbringing; the biological law state that the young shall grow so children are parents after parent every attention should be giving to them for they are the fundamental purpose why marriage exist their upbringing is the major reason for the family existence. The effective ways in children upbringing is the father’s rod, love, rebuke, and counselling.