The Problem With Custom Tattoo Designs

Getting a custom tattoo art is the easiest way to have your body tattoo. You simply walk into a tattoo shop of your choice and pick the design from their tattoo catalogue. You can get your body tattoo as soon as your turn is up. The convenience of a custom tattoo is that you may be the hundredth person to have chosen the symbol; the tattoo artist can do yours perfectly well, even with his eyes closed. 

Although there may be nothing wrong with being the hundredth person to sport the custom tattoo design that you chose, you might find some degree of disappointment once you see the design in 99 + other people. The tattoo design may lose its novelty to you once you get tired of seeing other people sporting the same custom tattoo design as yours. 

Tattoos are not removable, even with the use of laser removal technology. Some of those who had their body tattoos removed with laser technology were not satisfied because it only left faint traces of the design. Although it became a better medium for tattoo modification, it would have cost them less if they had the tattoo design modified in the first place. In fact, they could have saved more if they were not swayed into the idea of getting a custom tattoo.       

It seems that the first ones who had chosen a popular custom tattoo had a lot more to feel bad about when they saw a lot of people wearing the same custom tattoo design as theirs. They felt like being a member of some secret organization and they couldn’t help but feel cheated. 

Custom tattoo design defeats one of the reasons why some people get their tattoos. They wanted to have something that easily identifies their individuality. Due to the hype that came along with the promotion of the custom tattoo, it never crossed their minds that other people may also pick the same choice. 

As mentioned earlier, it’s not so bad if you’re the hundredth person who had chosen the popular design, because you knew before hand that there are 99 + more before you.  It’s just that you’re so sold on it, you really didn’t mind the idea of sharing the symbol with the others. In fact, you’re the type who wouldn’t mind if other people think you belong to some secret group. Then custom tattoo designs are just perfect for you.  

You can expect even more people to share the same custom tattoo because there are other body tattoo shops also carrying that particular symbol. Some body tattoo artists branched off and opened their own tattoo shops and may have carried over the designs they worked on from their previous affiliation. 

Hence, if that branch makes good in another city and likes the way the tattoo artist expertly executes the popular tattoo design, then about a hundred more individuals will carry the same custom tattoo design as yours. You will probably come to a point of thinking up a secret handshake as well, for your tattoo.