The Queen of Bhutan Shares Her Story

I met Her Majesty the Queen of Bhutan in Temphu, the capital city of Bhutan, also known as the only major capital in Asia that does not have streetlights. They had one for a short amount of time, but the citizens didn’t like it. So, they got rid of it.

She did the foreword in my Visionaries book. And, with tears in her eyes, she expressed how touched she was that all of these Visionaries took the time to tell their stories.

This is her story:
Her Majesty wanted to go see the people in the villages. So, she crossed the river 24 times and noticed that her feet were completely cut and blistered because of the plastic slippers she was wearing. There was also a torrential rain after a hailstorm, and they were totally drenched. They had to take shelter in a nearby school.

She could have ridden to the villages, but she wanted to walk to experience the hardship even for a short while to explain the king’s mission and also to give the citizens some new seeds for planting.

The next day, she met with the citizens and asked them about their crops, hopes, and aspirations. That was one of her first trips into Southern Bhutan.

Later, she went to another village and they had no proper housing. The children didn’t even wear uniforms because the parents couldn’t afford it. They could not buy books and had to go to school without shoes.

She spent three nights there, visiting every home, and she adopted an older woman. She arranged for a factory where they can make stationery envelopes and other things. They also trained the local men in the art of craftsmanship. Each year, in May, the women bring in their hand-woven art objects and sell them.

The Visionaries book makes it possible to show examples for social workers and philanthropists to be able to choose projects that will help people who care deeply about the world, and can make a difference in uplifting life. Her Majesty so kindly told me: “You’re one lady who’s put a beat in my heart”.