the rest of the results

Well I’m sorry for not posting the final results sooner but I’ve just bin very busy,

As I said I’d be the first to say I was wrong and somehow I WAS wrong on 1 out of 5!

The surprise was to me that it was man u who lost to Liverpool by 4 goals to 1!!! What a beating they took, I’m still in shock and its now a week and half ago! And I’m half glad I didn’t have time to predict man u vs Fulham because they lost to them aswell and Fulham r cr*p!!

But like I said 1 out of 5 aint bad hope you made some good money on the winners!!!

here are the results in full that have not been previously posted

Stoke vs everton

Stoke 2 Everton 3

Charlton vs wolves

Charlton 1 vs wolves 2

Manchester united vs Liverpool

Manchester united 1 vs Liverpool 4