The Shocking Method: Use This Training Technique to Shock Your Muscles to Grow

Shocking Technique #1: Changing Your Rep Range

Lets say your trying to bulk up and your doing everything you should; lifting heavy weights, being explosive, and eating plenty of protein. But after a while, your fast twitch muscle fibers that are responsible for all this size and strength youve been gaining, will get tired and need a break. Instead of taking a week or 2 off from the gym, you could switch over to light weights with more reps at a slower pace. Doing this leaves the fast twitch muscle fibers out of the equation and focuses more directly on the slow twitch fibers that are more responsible for muscle detail and endurance. Even if its not what your goal is, switching up like this will allow a new area of your muscles to develop, which in turn brings you more size and more strength while allowing the larger muscle fibers to get their rest.

Shocking Technique #2: Changing Your Angles

This can mean a variety of different things, but all are correct. You need to target all areas of ANY muscle in order to get more complete development. Take biceps for example, your doing your barbell curls and dumbbell curls, maybe some reverse grip and hammer curls, right? What other angles can you hit? Try doing your curls, whether with a barbell or a dumbbell, and going with a wide grip. Keep your elbows in just like a regular curl but have your grip out slightly past shoulder width. This will target the inside head of the biceps. This will be a new angle to bring to your biceps and will bring you better shape, detail, and even strength. All you have to do is look at an exercise you’ve been doing for a while and decide how to change your angles to target different areas of the muscle group your working. This works for every muscle group you can train.

Shocking Technique #3: Do More than You Can Handle

This technique is usually called “Negatives”. This means that you pic an exercise you may be struggling on improving, we’ll use bench press as an example, and you load the bar up with more weight than you can handle for your 1RM (1 Rep Max). You should choose around 20lbs over your limit for this. Have a spotter help you lift the bar up and you will slowly lower the weight down to your chest. With all of your power and strength, explode back up as hard as you can. Because this is more than your 1RM, you obviously cant do it, this is where your spotter comes in. Your spotter should take about 30-50% of the weight with you while you press up. So your all on your own on the negative, and your getting a boost from your partner on the positive. Do this for about 4-6 reps if you can and within 2 weeks, your new 1RM should be significantly higher.