The Sims 3 (Pc)

The Sims 3 introduces the new open neighbourhood system which is completely different to previous Sims games. In the past, you could only control what happens in one lot until you switch to another lot which would require an incredibly annoying loading screen which takes a very long time to load considering it’s only loading one lot. The new open neighbourhood system allows you to simply walk or even drive to other lots without the need for loading screens. Also, I don’t know about how you play but, when I played The Sims 2, after the kids were grown up they would move up and I would control them instead of the parents. The problem is it seemed slightly less realistic after the current sims great-great-great-grandparents were still alive. The open neighbourhood in The Sims 3 allows other sims to age and develop at the same pace as your active family.

Another new feature is the new personality system. You sim fanatics out there will be used to the old system where you give points to the different personality factors such as nice or playful. The Sims 3 has a new system where each sim has their own unique traits. A sim can have up to 5 traits but they have to grow up first. As a toddler they will start with 2, then as a child they will have 3. When they become teenagers they will have 4 and then finally when they become a young adult they will get the full 5. There are many traits to choose from, such as; good/evil, nice/mean-spirited, insane, neurotic, even kleptomaniac! Each trait encourages certain behaviour from your sims. For example, if you have the artistic trait, your sim will develop the painting and writing skill faster than other sims and also what they paint or write will be worth a bit more. With this fantastic new feature, you’re guaranteed to be able to make thousands of unique and interesting sims!

Furthermore most of you will be used to having to wait for the newspaper in the morning to find a job and it could be days before you find the job you want. But now you can walk right up to the business or the place of work of the job you want and ask for a job. The career tracks that are available are as follows:

  • Culinary
  • Law Enforcement
  • Science
  • Military
  • Professional Sports
  • Business
  • Journalism
  • Music
  • Criminal
  • Medical
  • Politics

There are also a few part time jobs which are also available to teenagers. They are the following:

  • Bookstore Clerk
  • Grocery Store Clerk
  • Mausoleum Clerk
  • Spa Receptionist
  • Spa Specialist

Along with this new job system, The Sims 3 also features options for how you work at your job or at school. To earn a promotion you have a bar which you must fill green. This bar is effected differently by different options. The standard 3 options are Business as usual (for school this is normal effort), Work hard and Take it easy. For the main careers there are also additional options. There is Meet co-workers and Talk with co-workers, however they may have slightly different names depending on the career. There are also some others which are specific to the job itself.

I think I have said all I can about this game now, but I can also say that it definately gets my thumbs up. I give it a 5/5.