The Software System Review Shocking Truth +Bonus

Trey Smith, internet marketer, has just released what is coined to be the gold rush of 2010 by The New York Times. New updates regarding the recent software business and course The Software System Review by Trey Smith is here and he’s about to reveal the new software revolution for 2011; he’s about to tell all the dirty secrets, showing you how to make iPhone apps for as cheap as $200 bucks, or most other software for cheap with his secret template. So much so, in fact, the New York Times calls the iPhone App Store the Next Gold Rush.

Ever wondered how the whole iPhone app thing works? Many are curious. Then I saw this video that explains a lot. Trey Smith put the video together and in it he shares real numbers about an app he had created.He shares how many apps he’s sold, how much he’s made, and even some tips on how he brought it to market.

Trey explains that you can get apps programmed by freelancers for as little as $200. (He spent more, but his app has fancy graphics and anyway he has already paid for the programmer and is
now profitable.)

Curious, I went to scriptlance and searched on iPhone – and sure enough I found bids for iPhone apps for under $200! If you’ve ever wondered about having your own iPhone app in the iTunes app store, you should check out this video.

The best way to get started is the watch the free video Trey has just released on his latest blog, and you’ll find the recent info including how he sold over $2,000 worth of his app in only 18 days. As soon as you get there you’l get instant access to the free training videos plus you’ll get access to his ‘iPhone App Designer Template” as he calls it, this will let you create great looking iPhone apps in seconds. The best part once again is that this is all free for a limited time, it will come down sometime soon so hurry before it’s too late and the iPhone market leaves you behind. This is another great market for 2011 as we recover from the recent depression. The software iPhone app revolution has begun, don’t miss out.