The Symptoms of Bladder Cancer Should Receive Basic Medical Care Immediately

The bladder is an important part of our urinary system. This hollow body of elastic body stores urine from the kidneys prior to disposal. Bladder cancer is a disease that often accumulate in organ tissues. Occur as soon as the cancer cells grow and affect all or any of the bladder lining.

The cause of bladder cancer is usually not clear. Health experts, however, identified the following as the risk of getting the disease.

– Bladder cancer can occur at any age but most cases show that began to emerge at the age of forty.

– White Race is usually more susceptible to certain cancers compared with other races.

– Men are at greater risk for it, compared to women.

– Smoking damages the bladder lining. This is because the harmful chemicals found in cigarettes. When you smoke, there’s more chance of getting the disease.

– Chemicals such as arsenic can cause bladder cancer risk. The kidneys filter out most of the dangerous elements of the blood and into the bladder.

– Radiation therapy and cancer drugs used in cancer treatment prior prescription also increases the chances of getting the disease.

– Serious problems with urination, perhaps, may cause squamous cell cancer of the bladder.

– History of cancer in the family can be another factor.

What stage of cancer?

– Stage Zero – This is of course less extensive stage. At this time, cancer cells are found only in the top layer of the bladder.

– First Phase – Most cancer cells are present in the deepest part of the bladder lining, but still outside the tangent in muscle tissue.

– Stage Two – At this stage, occurs cancer cells spread throughout the muscle tissue.

– Third Phase – At this time, cancer cells spread to the bladder muscle into the surrounding tissue. This could affect the prostate (in men) and the uterus or vagina (in women).

– Fourth Stage – This means that cancer cells grow and enter the abdominal or pelvic wall. Cancer cells may already exist in the lymph nodes, lungs, or other body parts around.

What are the symptoms of bladder cancer?

– One of the most common sign is the color of normal urine. Fluid may appear dark, yellow, bright red or brown.

– Blood in the urine is another symptom. In some cases, will require a control laboratory for the presence of blood in the urine.

– Urinate painful and repetitive is one of the first symptoms of bladder cancer. The pain is usually due to tumor growth and progression of cancer in the track. You will find where people feel the need to urinate but can not be the result.

– The presence of recurrent or urinary tract infection (UTI) can be custom warning signs as well.

– Frequent abdominal and lower back discomfort are also common symptoms of bladder cancer. Some victims also face discomfort in the anus, rectum or pelvic area.

You should know that a number of symptoms of bladder cancer as those of a bladder infection or other medical conditions. Do not immediately assume that you have cancer, but you can see the signs and symptoms. Do not forget also that both infection and cancer requires medical assistance. Be sure to call your medical professional distance.