The Top Zynga Games on Facebook

 Cityville This is the latest of the Zynga games to be offered to Facebook users, allowing anyone to master the art of urban planning, franchising and logistics. Create your own metropolis, set up neighborhoods the way you’ve always imagined them or set up shop in your neighbor’s town. Cityville was launched in the Fall of 2010 and became an instant hit, with more than three million players logging on to tend to their town by the end of 2010.

 Farmville Who knew farming could be so much fun! Farmville is one of the older Zynga games, but still tops the list in popularity, with more than 25 million playing each month. Grow a variety of vegetables, fruits, flowers and grains, along with “limited” items like fields of candy corn available during Halloween. Harvest the trees you’ve planted or create new varieties of plants in your own experimental greenhouse. Feed chickens that lay special gift eggs and pigs that root for truffles. There’s always something to do on the farm.

Frontierville/Pioneer Trails  In Frontierville, missions revolve around carving out your own space “out West”. Unhitch your covered wagon, build a couple of houses and a barn… don’t forget the schoolhouse! Complete missions for food, wood, coin and items that’ll make life easier on the frontier. Obstacles on Frontierville come in the form of pesky varmints like groundhogs that chew your newly planted veggies, foxes that threaten your chickens, and bears that don’t take kindly to all that wood choppin’ you’re doing in the forest. The characters in Frontierville all have a “folksy” way of talking that adds to the charm.  

Cafe World For everyone that dreams of being on Top Chef, but either can’t stand the pressure or can’t really cook in real life, Cafe World is the perfect alternative.  Feed hungry restaurant patrons a variety of dishes that you learn to master over time, start a catering business with the help of friends, expand your restaurant to include espresso machines, a cocktail bar and more. You even get to pick the restaurant decor, right down to the color of the ovens you cook on. 


Other Zynga games available on Facebook include: Empire and Allies, Petville, YoVille, Mafia Wars and Treasure Isle. Castleville is the newest in the Zynga game family, slated for release in November 2011. For “hardcore” players that need instant results, real cash can be used to purchase items or to complete necessary tasks. Gift cards for Zynga games are available too at “real” stores like Best Buy and 7-Eleven. Dozens of websites are also available for  cheats, tips and tricks for leveling up in the various games.