The True Kings of Rock and Pop

It’s amazing how many artists or groups claim a title that is clearly held by somone else. Not only are they the true kings of rock and pop, but also the kings of grafic art, and fashion to name just a few. The Beatles record sales reach into the billions followed by Elvis also in the billions followed by Abba and then Michael Jackson in the millions. Had The Beatles not released probably one of their most influentional albums, “Revolver”, bands and artists like Jimi Hendrix, Led Zepplin, Cream and all the rest would have never existed. What band, group or artist has ever had five number one hits all at the same time, not to mention a very long list of number one’s the whole time they were togather. When Sgt. Pepper came out it caused a sensation that will never be repeated. Musicians, critics, and musical authorities on every level of every type of music were stunned by the depth and sophistication and the wide range of appeal of this masterpiece. Critics and classical musicians had already noticed the third dimentional scope of their work in comparing musical structure and cadence not seen before but compared to Gustav and Bach. They were the first to do true music video’s with the release of Strawberry Fields and Penny Lane, and were also the first to do a live worldwide satellite broadcast seen by billions of All You Need Is Love. The Beatles have never really recieved the credit that they deserve, but their numbers and accomlishments speak for themselfs. In 2003 Rolling Stone magazine ranked The Beatles at number one in a list of the one hundred greatest artists of all time. In 2008 Billboard Magazine also rated The Beatles at number one in their top one hundred. Time Magazine includes The Beatles in the most important people of the 20th century. Yeah, Yeah Yeah, no matter how you cut it, The Beatles are the true Kings of Rock and Pop !