The Truth About Aging

We live in the age of the ageless society. People are afraid of death and older years. No one wants to get older and no one wants to die. No one wants to go throught years of pain and disability before they finally hit the bucket. However, as grown mature adults we must realize that this is inevitable. It is only the lucky few who die of a heart attack in the middle of a love-making session or in their sleep. Let me tell you something, this would be my ideal way to die. Well, unfortunately most of us are going to die in a very cruel and painful way. Not only that, we are likely to die alone.

As we age, our bodies are less and less able to fight off disease. We cannot really age gracefully. That is all a myth. There is nothing pleasant or graceful about old age. My dear friends, if you think that you are poor and inactive at this time in your life, just wait until your hit your seventies. At that time you will really learn about poverty and illness. Do not take anything you have for granted. You may lose your health, your money, and your family at any time. If you have a dream that you would like to fulfill before you die, try not to put it on hold for too long. It may be too late later. Live your life for the now because later may never come.