The Truth About Trush

Thrush is a yeast or fungus infection that causes frequent itching on the affected part of the body. Thrush symptom can present an over bearing urge to scratch an intense itching, and it is very difficult to resist. Thrush itching will occur any time but often during the night, which denies sufferers sleep, especially if in a heat condition or moisture caused by sweating. I know because I have once suffered thrush.

Most people will suffer thrush in their life time depending on their diet, immunity and hygiene. Thrush is a disease of both adults and children that can be either acute or chronic.

Known causes of thrush include adverse effect of antibiotics, stools or leftover faeces contaminating the vagina from careless wiping after defecation, which may combine with sweat or moisture to precipitate vaginal or anus thrush.

This can be a big problem for adults whose jobs cause them to sweat much, and those who keep pubic hair are very likely to suffer from vaginal thrush.

This is because thrush or fungal infection thrives best in moist, airless and warm places such as the vagina or the anus. Furthermore, a female having persistence vaginal thrush should go take a diabetes test because vaginal thrush may really be a symptom of diabetes. The same applies to a male who suffers persistence thrush of any kind.

If a female suffers from persistent itchy vagina, it could be thrush so the best thing to do is go see the Doctor who will check you up, and properly diagnose or cancel out vaginal thrush and give treatment for whatever health problem that is causing the itching.


The best methods of checking thrush are:

1. Avoid the use of toiletries such as scented soaps and bubble bath. These products are capable of sensitising the soft tissues of the vagina.

2. Anus should be wiped clean backward after defecation with white tissue or clean water.

3. Avoid using colored tissues which have some chemical residue that are capable of irritating the vagina or even the anus.

4. The vagina should be kept in a hygienic condition always to ensure that thrush does not develop. Wash the vagina with clean water without soap after urination.

5. Ensure that no soap residue is left on your vagina after bath.

6. If your work causes you to sweat a lot then you have to pack some tissue in your underwear to absorb the moisture.

7. Because thrush develops in warm moist conditions, do not wear tights, tight underwear, instead wear loose cotton underwear.

8. Be observant to catch thrush as it sets in, especially as you finish a course of antibiotics for they are capable of altering the useful bacteria that normally check yeast overgrowth.

If you already have thrush, Apply medication (oral drugs, pessaries and creams) religiously to check yeast and ameliorate the itching and let you sleep. Again don’t forget to wear lose underwear. Cotton underwear and not nylon is best for airing the vagina and the anus.

Different kinds of thrush or fungal infections depend on the part of the body where they occur. Thrush can happen in the vagina, around the anus, in the mouth, on the skin, between toes and even in the blood. Persistence thrush, as said earlier could be diabetes induced, so it is advisable to take diabetes test.