The Ultimate Fighter 12: Josh Koscheck Vs. Georges St-Pierre Episode Seven Recap

The Ultimate Fighter 12 Episode seven begins with a recap of last week’s fights and results. Team GSP has a 5-1 lead with one fight left.

Fight Announcement- There are two fighters left in the preliminaries of the Ultimate Fighter 12. Dane Sayers will fight Sako Chivitchian. Sako Chivitchian has the huge experience advantage over Dane Sayers. However, Georges St-Pierre’s fighters have been shocking the world on the Ultimate Fighter 12. Sako Chivitchian is called Pycho and he is an excellent Judo fighter.

The fighter’s at the house are talking about who they think should be the Wild Card on the Ultimate Fighter 12. All of the fighters who lost want a chance to be the Wild Card. However, they don’t get to pick, GSP, Josh Koscheck and Dana White get to pick the Wild Card.

We watch both of the fighters in training. Sako Chivitchian looks better then Dane Sayers, but they have to meet in the center of the ring. Psycho has been through a lot. He has been on the streets and has even been shot in the leg. Three years later he is nearly ready to fight on the Ultimate Fighter 12.

Georges St-Pierre and Josh Koscheck will have to compete in a challenge. It will be a batting showdown. Each player will get ten pitches. The coach with the most points wins ten thousand dollars in cash. The winning team will also get 1500 dollars for each teammate. Koscheck bats first. Georges St-Pierre has never played baseball before. He is at a huge disadvantage. Josh Koscheck wins ten thousand dollars for himself and 1500 dollars for each of his teammates.

The Fight-Dane Sayers vs. Sako Chivitchian, Round One-The fighters meet in the center of the ring. Dane Sayers gets a choke on Sako who gets out of it and gets on top of Dale Sayers on the ground. He lands a couple of punches before Dale Sayers stands up. The two men wrestle standing up. Sako misses a few punches and kicks. The fight is sloppy and boring. Sako lands a punch and the fighters lock each other up. Dale Sayers lands a few knees to the mid-section of Sako. Dale Sayers lands a kick. Sako lands a few punches. Dale Sayers tries to take Sako to the ground. Sako is having none of it and keeps on his feet with good balance. The first round ends as slowly as it begins.

Round Two-Dale Sayers lands a few punches and Sako throws him to the ground. Sako lands on top of Dale Sayers. He lands an elbow to the face of Dale. Dale ties him up. Sako lands a few more elbows. He is smothering Dale Sayers on the ground. Dale Sayers gets up on his feet with three minutes left in the round. Dale Sayers nearly takes Sako to the ground, but Sako grabs the fence. The ref warns Sako not to grab the fence. Sako lands a couple of knees near the end of round two. The last three minutes of the round were two fighters hugging, wrestling and jockeying for position. Sako Psycho Chivitchian wins a very boring fight.

The Wild Card-Josh Koscheck, Georges St-Pierre and Dana White have to figure out who will be the Wild Card fighters. Dana White announces the Wild Card fighters to the rest of the fighters. The two Wild Card fighters are Aaron Wilkinson and Mark Stevens. They will fight next Wednesday on the next Ultimate Fighter 12 episode.

Episode seven of the Ultimate Fighter 12 was somewhat boring. The fight was boring, but this is what you get sometimes in the UFC. It is a shame, but it happens. Next week, the Wild Card fight should be more interesting. Check out the Ultimate Fighter Wednesday nights on Spike TV at 10 PM Eastern.


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