The US Navy is The Most Powerful in The World



 The United States navy dominates the world. One of the reasons is that it has imbibed the principle of Gullio Douhet, an Italian Theorist who stated an axiom thatair alone can be decisive in a modern war. Douhet’s theory is now proved, but as with all theories it does have limitations. But over all the axion cannot be faulted.

In futherence of this theory the US Navy has stopped its reliance on the large surface ships like the battleships. Most of the battleships of the US Navy are in moth balls. In lieu, the US Navy is the biggest exponent of air power with over 20 aircraft carriers in service and some of them are nuclear powered with state of art electronics and ECM measures. The battleships which did yeoman service in the first world war lost their importance in the Second World war and in the 21st century are considered obselete. The US Navy has now adopted the theories of douhet and reliance on air power.


 The aircraft carriers operate as task forces and are attached to the US fleeets and are an excellent exposition of US military might. The surprising point is the the so called enemy forces of China and Russia have not laid any stress on the aircraft carrier. It is only now that Russia has an aircraft carrier and China has bought an old ship from Yukraine and converted it to an aircraft carrier. it should not  forgotton that the only thing deterring China from invading Formosa as the 7th fleet and its carrier task force.

Britain and France have 1 aircraft carrier and so does the Indian navy. But lack of an aircraft carrier with the Chinese Navy and the Russian navy is a big stumbling block in showing the powers of these nations outside their sphere of influence. Thus the US Navycan move with impounity in the Indian ocean and in contrast China is at a disadvantage. in fact the only thing deterring a Chinese invasion of Formosa is the US 7th fleet with its carrier task force.

 It will take at least a decade for the Russians and the Chineseeven longer, to match US naval power and even then their technology would be a mile behund the US technology. Lastly I wonder why the Russian  and Chinese navy’s ignored the theories of Douhet, and the decisiveness of air power. The US Navy is the most lethal fighting machine in the world and is an exponent of global reach of the USA