The Uses of a Serial to Ethernet Connector.

 This reduces the cost of the internet connection because there is no need to buy another internet modems. The serial to Ethernet is compatible with most of the popular windows and can be used with different processors and applications.  It is easier to customize the connection to the user preferences without too much interference in the exciting ports. It makes easier for the clients computers to access the service from the server computer as if it the client computer is the one connected directly to the internet. The connection is guaranteed as far as the serial Ethernet server is connected to both the server computer and the client computer. This application may also help the workers to use the same data at the same time.
The serial to Ethernet devices come with a simple guidelines booklet on how to fix the Ethernet, and the devices come with all the necessary accessories needed, which leaves the user with the connecting job alone.  Because the connecting process is well explained, it is easy for a person to fix it himself. It gives immediate connectivity to both local and worldwide connection. (Intranet and internet connection)  
The invention of serial to Ethernet server was a result of the need to centralize connection of the companies. Even if the serial connectivity existed, it was not able to sustain the increasing needs, because it allowed only a limited number of computers to be connected to the central network.  And the connectivity capacity was still very low, because there was a limited data which can pass through at the same time. It was also hard to control the connectivity of the computers while the updating could not be done automatically. It was taking time to upgrade the connectivity manually.
Therefore because of the shortcoming of this kind of connection, people tried to make it better developing it from one stage to another. When it was found out that the network can use telephone lines to connect among them, people capitalized on this benefits which gave birth to the Ethernet.
But still people were yet satisfied with neither the Ethernet nor the serial server. So to enhance both the Ethernet and the serial servers, there was an integration of both in the serial to Ethernet applications .by combining different hardware as well as different the software.
With this combination the network access was improved, allowing more data to be exchanged at the same time, and making it possible for a larger number of computers to be connected at a single server.  It became also cheap because there was no need to exchange the software.  
But before purchasing the serial to Ethernet type of a connector you have to make sure that all the existing  applications and software can support it at the same time allowing  easy installation and easy upgrading  when the need arise.