The Value of Saturday Postal Service

Now I’m not a U.S. citizen, but I think all countries should encourage the postal service to operate as frequently as possible. Why? It’s an economical matter. If a local restaurant can receive deliveries on a more reliable basis, they can provide fresher food and increase their profit margins. If people can receive things faster, impulse buying will increase and the economy will benefit.

A person should be able to receive a delivery within a day, perhaps even the same day, of making a purchase. With an efficient postal system, society can replace Walmart with

Bulk prices and transportation might increase prices slightly. However, the more people making online purchases, the cheaper companies can afford to put shipping prices

People think of the Postal Service as providing letters from their Grandmother on Christmas. In reality, it plays an important role in the community. The faster people can receive goods, the faster they can provide essential services.

The mechanic who is waiting on the parts for your vehicle, for instance, would’ve had you on the road earlier if the postal system was more efficient. Unfortunately, you end up waiting and potentially shelling out expensive fees for a cab.

Now the driver won’t complain, but I’m sure they are human beings, too. Nobody wants to have others suffer through inconveniences that are preventable. Imagine if your their cab broke down, for instance.

And here is an additional point. I’m dead tired by Friday. If I was expecting a new computer, for instance, I’d likely be want to set it up. I might not have the energy. If I do work on it, it will be a tiring experience. If I receive it on Saturday, I’m well rested.

I’m a kid in a candy store that’s giddy while putting together the computer. I am anxiously awaiting the opportunity to watch my Carebears DVD with my new computer and monitor. By having things run on Saturday, I am able to feel this childlike excitement. And what if it’s distracting.

If you’re friend, lover, etc, receives a great book Friday, you’ve lost the whole weekend. If Saturday has postal service, there is an increased chance that, at minimum, you won’t be partying alone Friday night.

There are those who would favor the privatization of a postal service, but the arguments along those lines really come down to the economic and political perspectives of individual people. As a left-wing “crazy,” I like publicly funded postal systems.

Many libertarians might oppose the idea, but I think the economic issues surrounding privatization and socialization of goods are best left to write about another day.