The Vegetarian Diet Plan

A vegetarian diet consists of the exclusive consumption of products from the plant kingdom: vegetables, fruits, seeds, leaves and roots, to the exclusion of any item from living things, such as fish to surprise more than one , which, like humans, are sensitive to the suffering and fear of dying.

The vegetarian diet  
The foundations
They are mainly of three types:
– Compassion and the concept of equality of all sentient beings taught by the Buddha:

On the path to Buddha hood, the development of compassion is essential.When Shakyamuni Buddha began to turn the wheel of Dharma, he first taught the path of the small vehicle that allows the consumption of meat as long as it belongs to one of five categories:

– Meat from an animal that has not been killed
– Meat from an animal that was not intended to kill
– Meat from an animal that has not been killed specifically for oneself
– Meat from an animal that died naturally
– Meat from an animal is consumed by another

But when Ananda asked him this question: “O Tathagata, why once you authorize us to eat meat among the five categories considered permissible and now you’re defending him absolutely? “

The Buddha replied: “Because at the time, you were not in full understanding of the teachings of the Great Vehicle to implement them in your daily life, which is why I told you that the Mini and you authorises temporarily consume animal foods from the five permitted categories.

Now that your level is high enough to receive the rules of the Great Vehicle, you definitely need to abstain from eating meat and fish in order to preserve the greatest sin: the murder of a living being. While not participating directly, the mere fact that a man to enjoy the death of an animal, destroying any germ in his heart of compassion and the concept of equality between people. How in these conditions, can escape the cycle of rebirths and achieve Buddha hood? “

Therefore, the vegetarian diet is to maintain itself, the seed of compassion. Its application in everyday life is also a practice of goodness.If we pretend to ignore the spectacle of animals killed, slaughtered, disemboweled, dismembered, after experiencing the excruciating pain of fear and agony, it would be unworthy to pretend to follow the Buddha way and this would only reduce the scope of our prayers and good deeds.

The Law of Karma

The Buddha taught: “It’s because they have committed since time immemorial acts of mutual destruction that all living beings are chained in the cycle of death and rebirth of Samsara. “By the power of cause and effect which bind beings, Samsara is maintained infinitely.

The hygienic reasons

Scientifically, the benefits of vegetarian diets are well known. Slaughter animals contain toxins and therefore the meat diet is a potential provider of diseases. Many domestic animals as well as wild are carriers of dangerous germs such as tuberculosis, typhoid fever, etc. …
Recent diseases such as mad cow disease or blue tongue is a good example. For this, associations and organizations to develop a vegetarian diet is plentiful in the world, and even if there is some way to go in changing attitudes and ancestral customs.
How to practice?

Various degrees of regime

The Plan is a benefit that if tourists methodically, according to our abilities and adaptability of our organization and the progress of our moral evolution. The excess heat of the beginner is usually more because of harm than good. The author knows someone who was very sick because it failed to find ways to follow this diet gradually and intelligently.
Two regimes are prescribed for the lay disciple and applicable to anyone who wishes to engage:

 The periodic regime

It is only practiced for a number of days of the month or year. The possibilities are:

* One to two days: the first and 15th day of lunar month
* One of four days: the first, eighth, 15th and 23rd day of the lunar month
* One of six days: the first, eighth, 14th, 15th, 23rd and last day of the lunar month.
* Than 10 days: the first, eighth, 14th, 15th, 23rd, 24th, 27th, 28th, 29th and 30th (or 4 days if the month is incomplete).

* The one month: during all the first or the seventh month of the year
* Than 3 months: throughout the first, seventh and ninth or tenth month of the year or for a quarter.

The perpetual dieting

Throughout our period of existence. You can sometimes make it tougher by not eating before noon.

The application

It is important to diversify their diet. The plant kingdom is no shortage of variety: tomatoes, water spinach, soybeans, of course, corn, soy milk e, cereal, etc..
The cooking is very important: it should preferably avoid prolonged cooking destroying vitamins (B and C for example), fried foods that make digestion difficult, steam and water bath. Avoid more eggs as possible.

 Mistakes to Avoid

* Believing that one is spiritually superior to the person who is not vegetarian. There is no spiritual miracle.
* Want to become fully vegetarian so impatient.
* Believe that the vegetarian diet is asceticism. We must find a balance in order to progress towards knowledge.
* Forget the days of the diet! We must remain engaged in all matters and effortlessly.
* Consume too much or too strong flavored spices that excite the senses: banish onions, shallots, garlic, etc..

Benefits of vegetarian diet

He brings a sanity and a healthy scientifically demonstrated. Saves money and time to practice the Dharma as follows. In the long term, it reduces our karma for future lives.
Globally, if all people adopted such a plan, a sense of cruelty could harm against animals and people could disappear.

In the eyes of the disciple of Buddha, pets are not animals, but spiritual beings endowed with potential that will allow them a day of liberation from Samsara and become Buddhas. All beings have the seed of Buddha hood within them. The Buddha was also an animal in his past lives. The stories of his actions as an animal abound. He himself told his disciples.
The earth would be much nicer if all beings cease to consume the flesh of their parents.
The Buddhist practitioner, with constancy and perseverance, in its application, developed his own pure land.