The Website Corporate America Doesn’t Want You to See, an ambitious young start-up based in Salt Lake City, Utah, has been gaining remarkable momentum since its inception in early 2010.  Using Christmas as a jumping off point, their services are now being offered in cities across the U.S namely San Francisco, Salt Lake City, New York and Chicago.

 This user-driven site allows businesses to advertise their deals and discounts for free while also allowing users free access to everything that is free and cheap! On the site, users can find free events, free stuff, free food, free services, cheap events (under $5), cheap stuff (sales and discounts), cheap food (special promotions) and cheap (discounted) services. In short, is a one-stop shop for anyone who wants to save money.
 If successful, has the potential to change the way the entire country does business, shifting the power from the corporation to the consumer.  For the first time, savvy shoppers will find all their local bargains and deals in the same location, thereby giving them the power to drive down prices as they take advantage of more and more deals and promotions.

  Local retailers and service providers will have to compete for customers based no longer on who has the biggest marketing budget, but who can offer the best deal. All of a sudden, Joe Schmoe the gardener from down the street can get your attention just as easily as the biggest landscaping company in town– and win the job, if his offer is better.  Before long, if you’re not on Freencheap, you won’t be given the time of day.

  Discerning customers want discounts, and this is the place to find them.  Pretty soon, nobody will be paying retail price for anything—free and cheap clothes, food, free and cheap services, entertainment (even free and cheap concert tickets)– which is exactly why this little company is the one the big guys don’t want you to know about.