The World Today

Why do people say the world is such a great place?

People getting shot, animal cruelty I don’t see what is so good about it. Yeah I use to think the world was great until I woke up and realized I was wrong. I personally don’t understand it. It just makes me sick to know that people live their lives torturing and killing. It’s not fair to that other person or animal that hasn’t done anything wrong.

Like animal testing, drive by shootings, bombings, murders, you name it we’ve got it. What the people in this world need to do is grow up and realize that they are not going to get all of the attention at the time. I think that is the reason why people kill or injure other people. That way it is all over the news and stuff so they get attention. But it might not be the desired attention. If you end up killing someone then you go to prison, sometimes up to life. People that are innocent even go to prison because they were convicted of something they didn’t even do. Like my uncle for instance he didn’t kill anyone he was just in the wrong place at the wrong time.

You could not only affect yourself with your decisions but also your family and friends. Like when you are in prison you get an amount of time you are supposed to be there. You might get out on that date or you might not. Like I was saying, my uncle with his parole hearings come up and he doesn’t get out. That affects my whole family especially my grandma a lot because we all love him very much. So if you ever think about committing a crime, stop and think before you do it. That one decision could change your whole life.