The World’s Cleanest Toilet. The World’s Cleanest Bathroom.


If you have ever used a public restroom in a gas station or worse, a port-a-potty in public  park, you will almost certainly become obsessed with cleanliness.  The kind of public filth you encounter in some public facilities is hard to bear.

Seekers of the clean washrooms  give what they call the “golden plunger”  to meritorious toilets they have encountered across the nation.

I think some homage to the virtues of mediocrity must be given:  just to keep it fair.  McDonald’s has about the best, no hassle powder rooms across the fruited plains.  I have used the facilities from Florida to California and Micky Ds  consistently rate well above the  gas-station-restroom-with-broken-lock-and-a-cracked-commode.

This is not an endorsement of McDonald’s food.  I don’t much eat with that red-headed clown  anymore.  Something about those size 29 floppy shoes and the crimson bulbous nose which bespeaks of  a man nursing an alcohol addiction whilst the urchins are watching,  turns me off to plastic pancakes and rubber burgers.  But compared to gas stations, McDonald’s water closets are the cat’s pajamas.

When it comes to ultra clean, ultra modern bathrooms, the Japanese have just about everyone beat.  Everything from compact, space-saving forms for urinals and toilets to a toilet with more gadgets than a space capsule.

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