Theodore Roosevelt Biography

Theodore Roosevelt was born on October 27, 1858, in New York City. During his young years and throughout his lifetime, he suffered from severe asthma which at times suffocated him. Because of this, he was often kept indoors, that’s how he came to love reading since there was not much he could do for entertainment. Theodore Roosevelt is one of my favorite presidents for these following reasons. First, he was a very educated person who loved reading, history, science, technology, and many other things. Second, he was very strong mentally; he went through a lot of trouble and hardship during his youth but still fought and carried on forward. Finally, he completed a lot in his lifetime, he really made the most of all the time he had and it really turned out to be something wonderful.

                Theodore Roosevelt was a very educated man. Due to his severe asthma, he did not go to school so he would stay at home all day with not much to do. Reading became an interest to him and soon he fell in love with it. He loved to learn and was interested in natural history, science, technology and many other things. His lifelong interest was Zoology which began from the age of seven. He would catch and collect animals which he put in a museum that he made with his cousins. They called it “Roosevelt Museum of Natural History.” He had many interests as a child and throughout his lifetime. Nothing got in the way of his education, not even asthma that forced him to stay home!

                What I really like about Theodore Roosevelt is that he went through so many problems and suffered so many tragedies, but that did not cause him to fall, he kept on going. He suffered from serious tone deafness along with severe asthma when he was a boy and his first wife, Alice Hathaway Lee died while in pregnancy due to kidney failure. Two days after his daughter was born, his mother died of typhoid fever. He had a very tragic life but he did not give up, he was very strong. On October 14, 1912, a saloon keeper name John Schrank attempted to assassinate Roosevelt when heading to make a speech. He was holding his papers in his coat when the bullet ripped through them and penetrated his chest. After many pleas to go to the emergency room, he still made his speech with blood seeping out of his shirt. His speech lasted for 90 minutes.

                Roosevelt’s completed many things during his lifetime. He was the force behind the completion of the Panama Canal. Without him, who knows when this would be built? Roosevelt created 150 National Forests, 5 National Parks, 18 National Monuments, 4 National Game Preserves, 21 Reclamation Projects, and 51 Federal Bird Reservations. This created about 230 million acres of land that was federally protected. Roosevelt also was able to build up and improve the Navy which established the United States. Because of him, the Teddy Bear was invented and he got his face carved onto mountain Rushmore! His life was filled with successes!

                Theodore Roosevelt was a man of action, filled with energy and positivity towards life. Optimism and perseverance are the keys to great success and he was able to figure that out early in his life. Roosevelt did not let anything stop him or get in his way of his success, even though his life was filled with tragedies, he did not let that keep him down, though he grieved over it many times. Theodore was a very sophisticated person, filled with ideas and willing to learn, he was very strong mentally, he went through a lot of hardship but still chose not to give up, and he completed a lot in his lifetime that made him a much respected person. This man had no boundaries and was not willing to stop and give up. He wanted to make it all the way, and he went very far with that mindset.