These Tooth Whitening Products Will Give You The World's Most Beautiful Smile

Does smiling at the mirror make you wince? Is your smile ruined by stains? Has discoloration changed your smile from white to yellow or brow? Does this problem persist even after you’ve gone to the dentist and had your teeth professionally cleaned? Fortunately there are things you can do at home to whiten your smile. There are tons of products to choose from to whiten your teeth. Here we will discuss which teeth whitening products are best for you… and for your wallet!

In the top ten is Aqua fresh Whitening Trays according to This particular whitening product is a pre-loaded tray that you simply insert into your mouth and place over your teeth. This tray stays in the mouth for up to 45 minutes. This is done only once per day. This can be messy and will likely cause you to drool. There are those who complained that the solution hurt their gums and the trays scraped their mouths. Whitening strips may be the better choice for someone with a smaller than average mouth size.

Were you familiar with the concept of hydrogen peroxide as a healing mouthwash? This is the stuff in the brown bottle, not the white or clear bottle. It can be found in the same isle as your toothpastes and tooth brushes. Mix together the same amounts of hydrogen peroxide and water and move it around in your mouth. It will destroy germs and stop cavities from developing. You can also put your toothbrush into the blended liquids and use it to brush your teeth. Quick whitening, Don’t swallow any of this blended mixture.

Rinse out your mouth completely after each use. While it is a great cleanser and whitener, hydrogen peroxide can be quite harmful if it gets swallowed.

Listerine offers customers far more than just mouthwash and fresh breath. This company also makes teeth whitening products. They also offer products that whiten teeth. Their Whitening Quick Dissolving Strips are one of the highest rated whitening products on the market. The consumer reviews for these products are excellent and even dentists are happy to recommend this product. Unfortunately, they do cost around thirty dollars. The great thing about these whitening strips is that you don’t need to worry about wearing them for as long as other types of strips. The Listerine strips will dissolve on their own after about ten minutes. These are more convenient, more time effective and far less messy than other strips. There are a lot of different types of teeth whitening products that you can choose from if you want a whiter smile. In addition to professional treatments, there are trays, gels, strips, pens and toothpastes. But which option is the best one for you? Talk to your dentist if you are considering spending money on a whitening treatment. Based on your dental history, he or she will help determine the best choice for you. A healthier mouth and a brighter smile will result!