Thing to Consider When Starting a Jewelry Business

First determine what kind of jewelry you willsell (fine, novelty or costume jewelry) or whether you will have a handmade collection or will buy wholesale from a third party.  If you’re undecided, then it won’t hurt to try a mixture of both to start

As there are many designers who have started their own successful home jewelry businesses, it helps to read up on how they got their beginnings and what is to be expected down the road.   Take note of the resources they have used.  Unless you are an experienced salesperson, you might want to experiment with different sales techniques.  Without acutally copying the designer, note which kinds of pieces sell the best and stay alert when it comes to fashion trends.  If you have a design or idea that is nothing  like anything out there, then you may want to talk to an intellectual property attorney as to whether your ideal is worthy of getting a trademark or patent.  This can be costly but will save you a headache for your jewelry business in the long run.

Have a demographic in mind as you ideal customer.  Will you aim towards the mature woman or a teenager?  This will help in creating your business and marketing plans and help in finding places to sell your products.  It is also helpful to banks and other financial institutions when they decide whether your business is qualified to receive a loan.

If you’re not certain about your line being successful, then start small.  Create a space at home to create, photograph and promote.  Most jewelry designers chose to start their business by selling online and open air markets as the fees are low to get started as well as maintain.  Others have home showings of their jewelry line where only they only invite those close to them. Or you can become your own advertisement by wearing your pieces to work, school and other social gatherings.

If you choose to create your own line yourself, this can be time-consuming.  You also have to promote your business and guarantee a quality product.  This entails finding the right markets in which to advertise, making sure that your presentation is as close to excellence as possible, keeping promotional materials nearby and if you choose to sell by mail order, knowledge about shipping procedures is important.