Think And Grow Rich-Turn Your Annual Income Into Monthly Income

Think and Grow Rich-Turn Your Annual Income into Monthly Income

How to turn your annual income into a monthly income as quickly as possible
A lot of people ask me what it takes to succeed. Here are some ideas for you that I got from the classic book “Think and Grow Rich.” Wendy Robbins updated he ideas in the book, “Why Marry A Millionaire? Just Be One!” Practice these ideas and to insure an amazing life. Incorporate them now.
Say you want to make a million dollars – what would it take to create that? You need to know what your focus is. Your desire needs to fuel your passion and overcome any objections.
Study millionaires you admire, understand what s/he thinks, feels, acts on, believes, habits and create a plan that is organized.
I like checklists, written goals, seeing the end before I begin. In other words, what results am I going for? Once I know that then I can dream, fantasize, mastermind with others, get a mentor and a coach – which is key to success and go through my plans.

1. DEFINITE PURPOSE – Know what you want and why. The stronger the motivation, the more you will be able to overcome difficulties. No purpose – no purse.

2. DESIRE – Make sure it is intense. Your dominant thoughts need to be focused on your desire. What you think and thank about, come about, right?

3. SELF-RELIANCE – This is about your belief in self and a plan to follow so you don’t go astray. Don’t “rely on the kindness of strangers.” A lot of people wait for someone to save them. I’ve done that before and you know what, you need to trust yourself big time. You need to trust you are a leader and you can do anything you desire as long as your purpose is aligned with what matters most to you. Is your message so strong that you will do whatever it takes to get it out? If not, why not? What will it take to overcome your fears and to just go for it.
Remember this motto – “If it’s to be, it’s up to me

4. DEFINITE PLANS – Organize them so you are persistent. You can go to my website and be given checklists to follow so you are ahead of the game with your organized plans. You can always outsource your plans to someone with the needed skills so you can stay relaxed in doing what you are good at. ” I like to get contingency plans, a plan “B” by vendors and experts who can help me overcome any challenges that come my way. This way I know going in, I can do anything – nothing can stop me. I have multiple vendors, options, back ups for all aspects of my business that are key to my success.

If someone is flaky, no worries, I have someone ready to go so I don’t lose time, clients, or money. You may want to consider the same things.

5. ACCURATE KNOWLEDGE – Know based on experience or observation or ask others so you know and are not guessing what you are doing. Intern for top experts if you need to, take classes from millionaires and billionaires. Get trained by doing what you want not just learning about it from books. Fail forward fast. Learn to love making mistakes, things not working out, rejection – they’re all part of the game and the sooner you let attachment to “success” your first time out – the better. Relax, enjoy, be willing to risk and to mess things up. You want to keep informed on the latest and greatest tools, strategies, tactics, experts, competitors in your field. I read blogs, articles, books, bios, check out videos, webinars, workshops, seminars, and classes. Love to learn, to expand, to master your field. You want to dig deep so you really know more then 98% of the people on the planet about your passion, your desire. Make sense?

6. CO-OPERATION – I believe strongly in masterminds. Gathering with others who are similar to you, who are positive and willing to help each other, and hold each other accountable. Success is possible because you share with others in harmony. If relationships are discordant, or you are walking on eggshells, or your light feels dimmed, or you don’t feel heard, or you are defensive.. think back to Kindergarten and make new friends, bite the ones who hurt you or play nicely with others, share, have cookies and milk, and take naps.

7. WILLPOWER – Concentrate on your plans so you attain your dominant purpose. If you are on a diet and sneaking a candy bar then you are lacking willpower. It’s easy to make excuses for why you stop taking action, and if you obey them, you’re not going to get results, right? Willpower is your belief in yourself in action. Your steadfast determination to achieve anything you say you want is key.

8. HABIT – Your mind will think about what you experience daily and this is what your habits are based on your beliefs, and actions. Practice the habits of millionaires and billionaires and make them your own. Be consistent so they are ingrained like brushing your teeth.