Think Twice Before Considering Breast Enlargement Surgery

Do you have enough confidence with yourself? Most of us want to look sexy but we can’t deny that sometimes we lost confidence because we feel that something is missing with us. There is no doubt
that breast size is important. We all know that many women are choosing breast enhancement to renew both how they look and feel, and we know that it is one of the woman’s assets too.

Women breast are certainly considered a common object of male sexual thoughts and fantasies, so i guess this may be one of the reasons why many sexually active young and older women would still contemplate on undergoing breast enlargement surgery as it helps women to improve self-confidence and sense of well being.

However, before undergoing breast enlargement surgery few factors every woman should consider
Although breast enlargement surgery is not as serious as brain surgery, but it is still a surgical operation. And every woman who considers breast enlargement surgery is a big step and should spend a lot of time to think twice.

A ) High Surgical Cost

Breast enlargement surgery may have many hidden cost that must be considered. As for an initial breast enlargement surgery may averagely costs between $5,000 and $6,500 for saline breast implants and under silicone breast implants, at least $6000 to $8000. And Most people just don’t have this sum of money, to spend on breast enlargement surgery. Further, you need to be aware, in most cases surgeon’s fees, anesthesia, operating theater, hospital room and any other expenses are different issues and are the responsibility of the patient. Always remember don’t try to cut any cost by agreeing to a non-accredited facility. Ensure all the procedure is being performed in an accredited hospital or accredited surgery center for the sake of your safety. Therefore, you need to clarify with your appointed breast surgeon that you can trust before making a firm decision.

B ) High Potential Risk Exposure.

It is recommended under Food and Drug Administration approved silicone breast implants, women should have an MRI three years later and then every two years to check and ensure whether the silicone implants have ruptured or are leaking. MRI’s to detect rupture can cost $2000 or more. Not to mention the cost of worry about developing breast cancer or auto-immune diseases as a result.

Breast implants with silicone gel ,which are too old may leak. You may not notice something may happen, in case that the implant shell that has a contractual scar around so happen to leak. However, if the shell breaks without a contractual scar, then leakage into the tissue around this place results in a sensation, that the implant is deflating. Further, not only the leaking gel may collect in the breast but a new scar may form around it. In some cases, gel can migrate through the lymphatic system to another area of the body. And a second operation might be required, in order to replace the leaking implant. It might not be possible to remove all of the silicone gel, if the gel has migrated. Unlike silicone gel implants, Saline-filled ones tend to have a higher rate of leaking and deflation, which means more frequent surgery to replace them.

Studies have shown that patients with, breast enlargement surgery stand a higher chance, as likely to die from ,lung cancer, emphysema and pneumonia in compare, with other plastic surgery ones. The research, is based on medical records and death, certificates of almost 8,000 women with ,breast implants, including silicone gel implants and saline implants. More than 2,000 other plastic surgery ,patients as well took part. ( National Cancer Institute (NCI), Boston ,University, Abt Associates, and the Food and Drug Administration, with, Dr. Louise Brinton from NCI as lead author.

C ) You Will Be Denied By Health Insurance Coverage

In case you have (or had) a breast enlargement surgery or any complications or medical problems that arise from the surgery, you will be denied by Health Insurance Coverage. Nor will they pay for MRI’s to detect ruptures. Further, your health insurance company may drop you or they might refuse to renew your health coverage or stop covering any other breast conditions or any medical problem as they think or assume your health matters are related to the breast surgery.

Such information may greatly overwhelm for those who are considering breast enlargement surgery. It is a serious life decision and shouldn’t be taken lightly. Ensure to do some thorough research on the health and medical problems and complications that can arise from this procedure. Probably, in the end it may cost a lot more than the surgery itself. Since, so much of complication why not think about natural breast enlargement? The recent natural breast enlargement methods have attracted a lot of attention. There are arguments against and for such methods. And there is a controversy as to whether these methods really bring about firmness around the curves. The fact is there are proven and highly successful and safest alternatives to breast enlargement surgery. Natural breast enlargement program has the ability to promote your wellness and help you to achieve smoother and firmer bust line.