Three Tips to Making a Garden Pathway Design

Part of the splendor of any garden is a garden pathway designed specifically to show off all aspects of your garden.  Whether you want your personal garden pathway design to curve around your yard or you just need a simple garden pathway design which shows the most redeeming features of your garden you’ve come to the right place.  Here you will be given three of the most vital tips to help you find the most adequate garden pathway design to fit your needs.

Taking Measurements

At the end of the day it doesn’t matter how grandiose your personal garden pathway design is if it doesn’t fit in your yard.  You need to measure your yard.  That includes any shrubs, trees, garden plots or any other obstacle you have in your yard that you don’t want your garden pathway to go through.  Once you have your measurements you can either draw on graph paper or enter your information into a garden design program for an even more accurate layout.

Play around with your drawing or program.  You’ll be able to create multiple garden pathway designs and really find the one that works for you and your garden.  With a program you can even play around with textured paths like using brick instead of a path made entirely of concrete.


Now that you know the size of your garden you can adequately scale the garden pathway design you have.  Scaling is a very important tip you should follow when you’re working on a design because it will determine if your garden is too small for your plans (or even too large for your design).  Using a design program will make it far easier to figure out the correct scaling, but it is possible to find when you’re just drawing—you just have to be far more careful.

Part of scaling is using the correct materials for your garden path.  A shorter path requires you use a material that’s more unified like a cobblestone path or a slab of decorated cement.  For a more convenient garden pathway design which literally goes through your garden you could have stepping stones rather than a full path.  Whichever you choose you need to have a pathway that is scaled to your garden.

Adding a Personal Touch

The garden pathway design you choose can be extravagant or simple as long as it has a personal touch that pleases you.  Your personal touch can be the flowers that line the pathway, lights that guide the walker, a texture that pleases the eye, etc.  Anything you add to your personal garden pathway design can make your pathway unique and yours.

After careful consideration and calculations you can have the most amazing garden mostly because you added your own personal touches.  Making your own garden pathway design is a great way to add appeal to your house.  Keep your garden pathway in great shape and every time you come home you’ll have something to be proud of.