Tiki Barber: Cheating on Bedridden Wife?

If the latest news is true about Tiki Barber, then we have another celebrity athlete fallen prey to what is becoming more and more of an unfortunate sports cultural norm of infidelity and its resultant devastation upon the family and society at large. It appears and is believed that there is a “culture of adultery” that permeates professional sports today, according to Steven M. Ortiz, an assistant professor of sociology at Oregon State University. His findings of 47 interviewed pro athletes wives reveal that these new wives have no idea what they are getting into to (I wonder if pro athletes like Tiki Barber knew what kind of culture they were getting into).

Tragically, the news about Tiki Barber and his latest tryst with 23-year-old gal pal, Traci Johnson, a former NBC intern whom he met two years ago, is no longer a shocking type of news to the average American? Instead, there is another “S” word that more Americans might identify with in relating to such ongoing revelations–and that is “S” for saddened. Saddened for Ginny, the wife of Tiki Barber, who is 8 months pregnant and bedridden in a hospital room about ready to deliver a set of twins. Sadly, she also is making a delivery of divorce papers to Tiki Barber, her husband of 11 years. Saddened that Tiki Barber couldn’t think of his wife more when he was wining and dining with his new fling publicly for the world to see.

As a society we should be saddened for the two children of Tiki Barber (AJ, 7, Chason, 6) that will have to endure the pains of divorce. What is even sadder is that Tiki Barber admits publicly that he has never forgiven his own father for cheating and abandoning the family when he was a boy. One would think that would have created a deeper resolve within Tiki Barber to not repeat history so as to not inflict the same pain upon his own children. We should be saddened for Tiki Barber and his family that their issues have to be handled publicly in view of millions.

I am saddened to learn that according to a CNN report, the percentage of professional athletes like Tiki Barber who cheat is in the range of 80% to 90% percent! If this is true I am equally saddened for our next generation of children of these athletes that may be negatively “programmed” by their fathers and not have much to emulate in order to strengthen our society as oppose to weaken it.

We will continue to be saddened by stories like Tiki Barber until we figure out a way to radically alter this current pro culture of adultery.