Till term expiry do us part?

            Ever heard of a marriage that has an expiration date? In some countries, plans for the implementation of marital term limits are being debated over. Many support the proposal however, the Church disapproves. They say that it defies the true nature of marriage. Although marriage is sacred and is something that is not to be taken lightly, having marital term limits is also beneficial for most because it is renewable, it can provide protection, and can measure the solidity of a couple’s love.

            Marriage is not an agreement but, a lifetime commitment. Some people enter a married life against their will or are forced to marry their undesired partners. With marital term limits, couples aren’t bound forever because it is renewable. If partners come into a decision to separate, they can choose to put an end to their marriage by not renewing their contract. They will no longer have to go through the trouble of paying the costs for filing a divorce. If couples continue to love each other even after the term limit, they can always renew the contract and resume their progress.

            A life before marriage can be full of deceit. Partners that used to be so sweet, caring, and loving, turn into the exact opposite once they have exchanged their wedding vows. Marital term limits can provide protection to those who are abused. People can shield themselves from going through emotional despair if a time comes that their partners fail to hold on to their loyalty and engage in love affairs. There are people who experience torture and harsh treatment from their other half but with the help of the contract, they can easily go out of their marriage.

            Some couples today are still unmarried due to the fear of their bond not being strong enough and the uncertainty of being able to handle a married life. The solidity of a couple’s love can be measured through marital term limits. They can discern if they are fit for a life in marriage by testing themselves under a short-term contract. If a couple manages to overcome hurdles within the term limit and stay in love, then surely, their love is strong and can be strengthened even more. It is also advantageous for those who have rocky marriages because they will be given a chance to talk things through and agree whether to pursue or end their relationship as husband and wife.

            People are married for a variety of reasons. It can be financial, religious, emotional, and more. Getting married is easy but, staying married is a tough challenge. With the rapid increase of divorce rates and abuse of marriage partners in some countries, the implementation of short-term marriages should be taken into consideration. The decision to remain in marriage due to burning affections for each other is far different from staying married because there are no other choices. Which one will you include in your vows: Till death do us part? Or till term expiry do us part?