Time To Save


There are more changes to come in the Steelers promised makeover in looks Keisel. Keisel had grown to a fine reddish brown beard, which he refused to shave or trim, while his team was still on a feast of victory. For the Steelers 31-25 Super Bowl loss to the Packers many broken dreams. Nose tackle Chris Hoke, who was an architect with the Steelers two victories earlier lamented the loss of Arlington. Like other players in the tournament, had Steelers also hope to capture the trophy again. No luck, but it is the name of the game. Always Lombardi Trophy still to be won next year and the Steelers will do everything to bring home.

Rooney family has generally opted for stability since the Steelers have their franchise. Yet there is a nagging fear in the minds of many that the owners may decide to conduct a lockout. The rules and regulations should change. Add to that March 3 is the D-Day, when the negotiation is over. Much remains unknown how it will affect issues such as health insurance and how the mini-camps and organized team events will be planned and executed.

The uncertainty faced by players in the preseason has produced an attitude of distrust of the players.

Defensive end Nick Eason recommends that players better start saving money, since the probability of health insurance, etc are supported in the foreseeable future is minimal. As their needs were met by the franchise, which could afford to spend on luxury. Now stands an achievement in saving the players must be projected on the agenda.

Technically, many of the players are free agents after this season. After 10 years the Steelers, Chris Hoke still hopes to return to the side of the game, when it is reconstituted. Some of his former teammates, such as rear corner Ike Taylor are definitely “want a ride” list. Coach Mike Tomlin, quarterback Ben Roethlisberger and Troy Polamalu security was nowhere to be seen at the “Meet the Press” after losing the Super Bowl. One hope of most players, Art Rooney, has convinced observers should not expect too many changes.