Tips for Cleaning Coins

If you have ever wondered how to clean a coin in your collection you are not alone.  Many coins can look tarnished and dirty.  The best and most effective way to clean a coin is to send it to a professional.  They use a method called “dripping” and this is the only safe way to clean a coin.

If you are unable to have your coins professionally cleaned it is best to leave them alone.  Although an excessively dirty coin if not cleaned in a timely fashion will start to become damaged.  This is where one needs to weigh the value of the coin.  If it is an extremely valuable coin you will definitely want to have it cleaned.  However if you MUST clean one of your coins you will want to do it the safest way possible.  You will also want to disclose this information if you ever decide to sell it.

Never, I repeat never use any harsh abrasive chemicals to clean a coin.  Most coins should be washed using warm distilled water, a very mild soap, and a white soft cotton washcloth.  Please keep in mind if you are rubbing and there is grit on the coin you will be scratching the coins surface which in turn will decrease its value.

If the coin you would like to clean is only a little dusty…Don’t!  This coin can easily be cleaned by simply using compressed air.  Using compressed air will prevent you form taking the risk of damage.

The smartest way to care for your coins is to take precautionary steps.  Don’t handle bare coins.  Even the oils from your skin can be damaging.  Wear cotton or latex gloves to prevent damage from handling.

Place you coins in protectors.  When choosing the best types of protection for your collection remember to steer clear of anything with a PVC base.  This type of storage may cause spotting.  When finding a location to store your collection, make sure to avoid extreme temperatures and lighting.