Tips For Getting Out of an Abusive Relationship

Acknowledge the problem

Once you accept that you have a problem, you can move on from there. A lot of people are confused and they think that the abuser loves them. No one that loves you will abuse you; I know that’s a fact. They think that they can change the abusers but the problems only get worse.

Make a plan

If you want to leave an abusive relationship, you have to make apian. You can’t just run out of your house with no money and no paper works. You need everything. You need your money, paper works, ids, clothing, cars; this is why you need to put them all together in a packet, briefcase, and hide it until you can move out. Put it under your bed, the garage, in your closet and don’t let the suspect sees it. Get your car ready to drive, and get it legally registered or pay for so you can legally drive on the road. Have a plan so you can leave quickly. Have contacts of local homeless shelter or domestic violence shelter. Look them up online for their phone numbers, address and more.

Keep a secret

You have to keep everything a secret. They look at every one of your moves and it can be harmful if they know that you’re leaving. Even if you’re leaving the next day, act like you’re still living there; leave everything normal so that they don’t know that you’re leaving.

Be prepare

You have to prepare well or else you can end up with no food, money and shelter. This is why you need to make friends, keep in touch with relatives, get to know a local domestic violence shelter so they can help you.

Save money

How will you be able to survive if you don’t have enough money? This is why you need to save money. You can also get a loan, ask friends and relatives.

Make contacts

You can call family and friends to help you once you leave. You can call the police to escort you or wait for you somewhere else. You can have them come to your house and escort you if the suspect doesn’t let you leave.


If you stay it will be the biggest mistake that you will make in your life. You need to leave whenever you have a chance. It will be a gift for you. Things can’t get better with abusers. You can’t change them and it’s wrong to think that they will change because most of them won’t. They feed on the abuse process.