Tips For Making a Good First Impression

Don’t oversell yourself.  From relationships to careers, many oversell themselves.  This is done out of insecurity, nervousness and anxiety over getting into a new situation.  As a prospective employee (or even mate), do not go overboard to sell yourself.  This can cause anxiety in the person hiring you, making them think that perhaps you aren’t the best choice after all.  People react very negatively to this-and overcompensation is generally frowned upon.  It can give people a tendency to think that one may be hiding something about themselves.  In other words, don’t give them time to analyze everything you say with long-drawn out statements-embarassing things and indiscrepancies are going to show like huge, glaring cracks-even if there was nothing there in the first place.

It’s only natural for people to think you may be hiding something.  Do not ramble: stay cohesive and to the point.  It’s okay to be nervous, but don’t let people see it.  An employer wants only the best and most qualified people for the job.  Introduce yourself, with a firm handshake, never hug or kiss.  Sit down, facing them, and make good eye contact.  Think about every question before you answer-never fidget, or sit like you are at home.  You can always laugh and joke-but never anything offensive.

First impressions decide everything.  Rarely do you get a second chance.  Even if you are fortunate enough to do so, everything after that is tainted.  Most people have already made their minds up, and simply will not listen, whether you are dating or applying for a job.  Most people wouldn’t automatically take their clothes off on a first date, so applying that logic, in a sense, would be not to bare your soul through over compensation and overselling.  Take a deep breath before you either meet that prospective mate or employer.  This doesn’t entail acting super suave and sophisticated either: other overcompensation points.

Just consider yourself sitting and talking to a fellow human being.  Try and not act ‘wooden’, as well, or scared.  You may get the job, you may not (or even the mate).  It’s like anything in life-it’s just a chance.  But you can always increase your chances, too.  If you do faux pas, try and save the moment as quickly as possible, with something inventive and creative.  Be on the ball, and good things will fall into place, from relationships to work.  Life has a series of parameters and understanding that goes with it.  All you have to do is be keen enough to understand, interpret and adapt.