Tips for Parking in an Airport Parking Lot


Tens of thousands of people in the United States leave their cars in airport parking lots everyday. There are certain tips that might help save you time, and money the next time you have to park in an airport parking lot. These tips might even help to prevent your car from being broken in to.

First off, you need to investigate airport parking lot prices first before you leave the house. Many airports list their prices for short-term, and long-term parking online. Check these prices to see which would be more advantageous for you. Some of the fee structures in some airport parking lots are better than others. It might behoove you to park your car in long-term for a two day trip, and short-term for a three day trip.

Make sure that you read the rules for where to display the ticket for your airport parking lot. There are some that require that you place the ticket somewhere on the dashboard of your car. I have heard of people having their cars towed from an airport parking lot because they were not following the correct protocol.

Figure out what the overall fee will be for the airport parking lot before you leave your car. Make sure that you figure in arrival times as they might overlap some days. I suggest that you leave the amount that you will need for the fee in your car. This way, you will not forget and spend the money that you need for the airport parking lot fee on your trip.

Do not leave anything of value in your car where it can possibly be seen. There are thieves that travel around airport parking lots and look in the windows of the cars to see if there is anything worth stealing. There are many cases that I have heard of where people have come back from a long trip to find that someone broke in the window of the car and stolen something left behind.

If you have more than one automobile, take whichever one would be less likely to be stolen with you to the airport parking lot. While having a car stolen out of an airport parking lot is rare, it can happen. If you are going to take a truck, minivan, suv, or van, check the airport parking lot fees first to see if there is an extra charge for larger vehicles.

If you follow these simple rules, parking in an airport parking lot will be less stressful. Remember, flying can be a stressful experience. If you are able to alleviate as many of the stresses that you can ahead of time, you are better off for it.