Tips for polishing a car

Light scratches and swirl marks kind of surface imperfections become evident when a vehicle is in used for a long time and therefore it needs polishing. There are many mechanical car polishers in market but they can probably damage your car’s finish, this is the reason sue to which many car owners think it is better to polish their cars themselves. In this way they can make the shine which they like.

Make sure your car is cleaned thoroughly before you start polishing it. Don’t forget that deep cleaning of your car is very necessary. It all depends on you that whether you would like to wash your vehicle by yourself or by car washing machines. Now, purchase a wax specially made for your vehicle’s paint. Be careful as some waxes have granules that can cause damage to car’s surface.

Now start applying the polish on the pad in a circular manner just close to the edge. It would be better to have the all the required tools present near your working place so that you don’t have to walk to grab anything. Use newspapers to place the intakes. Don’t forget to use protective eye wears and proper gloves before handling products containing chemicals. Now start polishing from the car’s hood. First apply car wax with a thin coat and then rub it to distribute it evenly on the hood’s surface. Before you buff it, let it be dry to a milky color.

During waxing process, never put wax on rubber or chrome surfaces. Try to work in a small area for some time and then buff it quickly as wax dries itself very quickly. After you are done, start the second coat. Now buff the car very quickly till you get your required shine on your vehicle. But be careful and don’t press your buffer down too much and let your paint job get eaten.

Work in a straight line for polishing your car and then put a dab of polish (it would be enough) for each section. Now with the help of small and soft cloth rub the polish over your vehicle. But don’t forget that polish should be applied in circular way till it gets completely absorbed in the car’s surface.

Polishing your vehicle can be an interesting thing to do especially when you see the output as a shining new looking vehicle but then never forget some cautions such as:

> Be careful while buffering your vehicle as this can provide damage to your vehicle’s surface.

> Rotor buffers are meant to be used with a lot of care and don’t apply it without reading its instructions otherwise damage will be inevitable.

> If you want to prevent buffer damages use orbital dual-action buffer.

Follow the instructions and apply them carefully, you will surely enjoy car polishing process. Have fun!