Tips For The Groom For His Wedding Day

Congratulations! Now that you have found the girl of your dreams, it is time to gear up and plan for your wedding day. To start with let me tell you that it is absolutely normal if you are a bit anxious and apprehensive about getting everything right.Read on to learn the various tips for your wedding day, after all it is a big moment of your life and you want everything to be perfect and in style.

As a groom you need to plan not only for the general arrangements for the wedding so that everything goes off smoothly, but also you have to take special care of your looks, your wedding attire, so that you are at your BEST.

Three Months before the Wedding !

Decide in advance if you will rent or purchase your suit for the day. Be absolutely clear and find out which style will suit you best. Your formal wear should be finalised at least 3 months before the wedding. Remember to pick a fabric for your wedding suit, that matches the season and the climate otherwise you can end up in a July wedding sweltering under heavy wool.

While selecting your shoes, choose comfortable shoes, after all it is a formal occasion and you don’t want a nasty shoe-bite to spoil your day. Go for stylish but comfy footwear to avoid spending your honeymoon nursing the blisters from your shoes. Therefore, make sure that you can walk around in your shoes at ease.

Ask your bride for few details about her wedding apparel. This will help you to coordinate your outfits so that you’ll both look fantastic on the big day, and your outfits will compliment each other significantly.

Don’t wait until the last minute to start your exercise routine aimed at shedding those extra pounds. Start visiting your gym at least three months before the wedding, to look outstanding on your D-day.

Decide about your honeymoon destination in advance, and try to complete all your reservations at least one or two months before the wedding. Planning your honeymoon logistics in ahead of time, will definitely save you from making expensive decisions in hustle and bustle.

Taking charge of your honeymoon arrangements in advance is surly is a great way to make your bride feel special. After marriage, then just whisk her away to begin your magical life together.

One week before the wedding !

All the things either small or big, should be decided one week before the wedding, as there is no room for making last minute decisions. Therefore a week before the wedding, you should have a clear mind holding no confusions for the last moment about the most important stuff you will be needing for the wedding.

Make sure that everything reaches your premises and into your wardrobe a week before, so that you are in peace. Here is a list of all the vital things every groom should possess one week before the wedding.

Bow / Tie Cuff-links




Polished Shoes



Do not be shy, but visit a men’s saloon one week before and get a facial as it will give a nice radiance to your skin and will also relax you from the wedding stress. Get a manicure and pedicure to boost you a bit. Manicure is very important as it will tidy up your nails and hands which are going to play a big part in many of the wedding shots like “signing the registrar photo”, the “rings” shot etc.

A few days before the wedding, visit your hair stylist for a slight trim to neaten things up for a tidy hair cut to avoid the ‘just cut’ look.

Organise your bachelor party at least two to three days before the wedding, don’t keep it for the night before the big day.So get it done and over in time. If you plan it a night before the wedding, you will be deadly tired and sleepy on your big day.

On the Day of the Wedding  

Do not shave the day before your wedding, avoid razor burns by shaving in the direction of hair growth. Shave right before you plan to get dressed for the ceremony and use foam, not a cream. Use a brand new razor and lots of hot water. There can be nothing worse than prickling your bride with a stubble. Alternatively simply go to a barber, sit back and relax!

If possible, make an appointment for the morning of your wedding to get a shampoo and blow dry as it will be a great relaxing treat,  and you will definitely find that it is worth your time to look and feel great on your wedding day.

Apply a face pack on the day of wedding to make your skin look radiant so that you can face the flashing cameras with confidence. After all you have to be at your best for the photographs which are going to be life long memories.

Do not forget to start your day by eating a healthy breakfast and try to relax. Don’t drink or smoke before the ceremony. A bad breath on a wedding day can be extrmely unpleasant. To avoid bad breath simply keep breath mints in your pocket, so that you have a fresh breath all day long.

At the ceremony be polite and charming and try to be at ease. Keep smiling for photographs galore and just try to be yourself ! Hope these tips will help you to tie the knot with grace and confidence. All the best!