Tips On Choosing Web Hosting

Before hiring a web hosting to web hosting company of your choice, there are some things you should consider, which are as follows:

Customer support (Customer Support) provided

Saturated with Web Hosting companies who offer Technical Support 24 hours but telephone them rarely or only answered by answering? Or even “Live Chat” (Human Click, PHP Live) they are always offline? What is the most feared by a customer when you are finished making the payment? Of course concerned at poor support services by the Web Hosting company!

Before you choose a web hosting company for your website, make sure that all your questions either by e-mail, phone, and online chat are always answered within a fairly short (less than 1 hour). It directly measures the level of professionalism of the service.

Detailed domain information provided

So far there are still many web hosting companies that are not transparent in providing the service. Some of these companies did not provide details of the domain information that has been purchased to the customer according their due.

The rights to the domain that is not given to the customer will bring trouble:

1. If the customer wishes to move hosting, the customer is unable to perform the transfer itself for not having access to the domain settings

2. If the customer wishes to transfer a domain to another Registrar, then this cannot be done alone, have to go through the old register

3. If a web hosting company is closed, the customer can no longer manage the domain. The most severe risks are in fact the customer will lose the domain because it was unable to extend the

The lure of cheap prices

The consequences of bringing the service prima course is a matter of cost. Just imagine if You already don’t exist anymore. What will happen? You lose your domain, loss of data – the data web, and other losses that you will regret it, might even make you wary.

Make sure you are using a hosting service in the right company – true professionals. Contact via phone, online chat, or e-mail to make sure it is.

Unlimited multi purpose facility

Lots of web hosting that offers multi purpose facility – unlimited amenities. Could it be? Obviously not. Everything that is technically always take into account the limitations – limitations of technical ability.

1. Unlimited Space: obviously it is not possible, there is always a limitation of any my space quota

2. Unlimited Traffic: all servers are in place in the datacenter has a limitation of traffic from the datacenter. In addition, a great website with traffic already using higher CPU resource. So a promise-promise unlimited traffic clearly is no longer rational!

3. Unlimited databases: one thing is for sure, a large number of databases or database that many will take CPU resource in units of energy.

Consequently the server will hang or impaired performance when excess CPU usage by the customer. As a result the server going down and your website is of course going to be a victim

Reseller hosting or not

One of the most economical way to start a business web hosting is a reseller web hosting because it does not need to finance their own server. But what are the risks for the customer? Clear reseller will never be able to manage your account-your hosting account easily because the highest access only owned by the owner of the server. As a result of technical requests like demand – change of ownership of the file, request e-mail trouble shooting, DNS propagation, and many other things can not be served quickly of having to wait for third-party owner of the server to perform the action.

Other things into consideration is that resellers would never know what’s happening on the server. If the server is down because of a thing, then the reseller cannot complete the trouble. Once again have to wait from the owner of the web server.

Of course a professional hosting company will never risk your customers by becoming a reseller of another web hosting.

Quality server

A professional hosting company and keep the good name of course will not be risking the quality of the service. Therefore, the hardware and software on the server of course will be one of the main concern in presenting the service prima. In addition one thing is certain, datacenter used also is correct – true datacenter quality with reliable internet connectivity backbone so that the customer will be quickly accessible websites and stable.