Tips on How to Choose the Best Hairstyle

A woman’s hairstyle is what completes her look. It is her prized possession that gives her the confidence that makes her feel and look beautiful. Therefore it is crucial to keep it well maintained, moisturized and looked after. So having the right hairstyle for your shape face is very important to completing your look successfully here are a few pointers for particular face shapes:

Oval faces:

This face shape literally any hairstyle whether short or long will suit it perfectly! You can either go with the straight or curly look or get away with looking good with both styles. Layers will however emphasize your cheekbones giving them more definition but try to stay away from hairstyles that emphasize the volume at the top of your head as it lengthens your face.

Long face:

For longer faces, you need to give the impression of width to provide a fine balance, moreover either have long, but not excessively long hair or hair to the side or chin length cuts. Also curly and wavy styles will add volume and width therefore suiting and complementing your facial shape.

Round face:

This is the opposite of long faces therefore need to reverse the hair styles and give the illusion of length rather than width and volume. This means going for straightened hair, descending layers, cuts below the chin will give this illusion successfully.

But keep away form blunt cuts or one length hair cuts as this will not complement your face shape.

So  you  could use this guide to help you make your next hair decision, your hairdresser will probably know what looks good on you, so you could discuss these options when you next take a trip to the hairdressers. Then, you will be well on your way to creating the perfect hairstyle for you!