Tips to Ensure Your Online Content is Original

If you’re a writer, you need to be sure you sell your customers 100% unique content. This applies when you’re writing articles from scratch, using research material, and rewriting articles as well.

If you’re a website or blog owner, you want to be sure you’re buying unique content so that your site isn’t penalised for duplicate content by the search engines.

Whether you’re a writer or a webmaster, you also want to be sure that no one is infringing on your copyright.

Here are some valuable tips for ensuring your content is unique:

  • Use DupeCop. This helps you compare articles against one another to ensure your content is original. This is especially helpful if you buy a PLR content package and want to rewrite
  • Do a search engine query on the end of one sentence and the beginning of another. This will help you see any indexd content that’s very similar. For example, you could Google parts of the previous sentences here, such as: “one sentence and the beginning of another. This will help”.
  • Use This is a relatively new and free tool that works a lot like Copyscape Premium. It lets you check text for published online content (it might only list indexed content — I’m not 100% sure) and lets you set alerts for particular text as well so if someone tries to copy your work later, you’ll get  email about it.
  • Use Copyscape Premium. For .05 USD per 2000 word search, and buyable in $5 blocks, you can rest assured that the content you sell, buy, or use is 100% original.

It’s definitely worthwhile, whether you’re writing your own content or buying content from someone else to invest time, money or both to ensure that everything you publish or sell is 100% original.