Tips to Keep You Safe Buying Antique Furniture For Sale

It can be a reliably nervous experience making a decision on a piece of antique furniture for sale. How do you know that there are no serious hidden flaws that make the furniture worthless? The consumer protections we have and the quality of modern manufacturing techniques have undoubtedly spoiled us with bulletproof dependability. How much can you depend on the craftsmanship involved in antiques? The next time you run across a beautiful dresser or bed, make sure that you evaluate it with these antique shopping tips.

When you are evaluating case goods, a chest of drawers, cupboards, cabinetry, close attention should be paidto how the drawers are attached to the main body of the construction. Dovetailed drawers are the best kind. Designs with unreliable quality will have stapled construction. Not only is a stapled drawer of lower quality, it probably isn’t antique even.

The right antique bed can be a great buy to enjoy over a lifetime. Beds aren’t the same size today as they were back in the day though. The standard size then, used to be what was known as the three-quarters measure – 4 foot wide. If you were hoping to use the bid with a standard issue mattress today, you’d be disappointed. Modern mattresses are either 39 inches or 54 inches wide. You have to special order the mattress for an antique bed.

Antique furniture for sale often comes with a line in in the description that uses the expression ‘grain painted’. Most people who come across this expression are not really aware of the exact meaning intended here. It means that the appearance of the grain and color of the wood you see are actually painted on, and that they were not natural. How beautiful the appearance of grain painting is depends entirely on the craftsmanship used. Grain painting that isn’t as well done as it should be is worth a discount.

Some antique furniture you will find, can be made out of pieces obtained from other pieces of furniture. These are called marriages. You could have a dresser made out of a base unit from one unit and mirror from another for instance. You want to keep an eye out for marriages that don’t look natural.

In the end, buying antique furniture for sale is an exercise in using a great mixture of deft instinct and expert knowledge such as what a set of tips such as these can bring you. Be sure when you go antiquing to look for missing hinges, drawer pulls or keys; look out for termite damage, and you should be safe in your decision to buy.