Tips You Must Do After An Accident

Accidents do happen and only the most calm and alert victim could do it right. In other words, a victim of an accident must learn to muster all his courage to save lives. Here are tips you must do after an accident.

First, you must stop. Being the driver, you must stop your car immediately at or near the accident scene without obstructing traffic more than necessary. The state imposes severe penalties for hit and run drivers.

Second, you must assist the injured. In case of serious injury, get a doctor or call an ambulance which ever will arrive sooner. Try to make the victim comfortable, but do not move him unless absolutely necessary.

Third, control the traffic scene. This will help prevent one accident from turning into a multiple one. Stationing someone at a safe spot to warn approaching drivers is a good idea. Use of flares is helpful if they are available.

Fourth, notify the police. If the accident results in personal injury, death or property damage beyond a specified amount, a call should be made directly to the law enforcement agency with jurisdiction over the accident area. This is required by law, but it is a wise move anyway if an officer investigates an accident promptly, his report will be of help if a liability claim is made.

One of the tips you must do after an accident includes knowing what to say. Do not argue, accuse, admit fault or sign any statement other than those required by police. Opinions about the cause of the accident do not have to be given at the accident scene, at police headquarters or elsewhere. Before making any statement, you have the right to consult a lawyer. Do exchange data with other driver’s names, addresses, vehicle registration numbers, and names of insurance companies.

Finally, the last tips you must do after an accident is to know when to leave. Unless you are injured, not until taking the previous five measures. Motorists should also take the following measures if their car should strike an unattended vehicle: Leave name, address and telephone number attached to the struck vehicle, copy its license plate in case you have to trace the owner, and report the accidents to the appropriate law enforcement authorities.