Top #10 Celebs with PhDs

They are really famous but they are also really smart! Here’s a top #10 of all celebs with PhDs.

10. Greg Graffin

Photo: Courtesy of IMDb

He is known as the lead vocalist and songwriter of the punk rock band Bad Religion, from Los Angeles, founded in the early 80s. He earned his PhD in History of Science from Cornell University. You’ll be surprised to find out which 80’s renowned cyborg law enforcer got a degree in Art. Slide to find out!

9. Peter Weller

Photo: Courtesy of SyFy Wire

Although he is super famous for his film roles (he has appeared in more than 70 films and TV series including RoboCop, Star Trek, Dexter and Sons of Anarchy,) he graduated from North Texas State University with a Bachelor of Arts in Theater; then he began attending the American Academy of Dramatic Arts. However, in 2007 he started a PhD at UCLA in Italian Renaissance Art History and was awarded his doctorate in 2014. The next one is the true example of a hard-working, hard-studying empowered woman!

8. Condoleezza Rice

Photo: Courtesy of The Buffalo News

This political scientist and diplomat may not be a Hollywood name but she sure is well known in the world of politics and governance. At 19 she earned a bachelor’s degree from the University of Denver and at 26 she graduated with a PhD in political science, in the same university. You’ll never believe how hard this next person studied!

7. Brian Cox

Photo: Courtesy of The Big Issue

Brian Cox is an English physicist, best known to the public as TV presenter of science programmes such as the Wonders of… series. He earned a PhD in high-energy particle physics at the University of Manchester, where he serves as professor of particle physics in the School of Physics and Astronomy. You’ll ve surprised about what PhD the next tech geek got…

6. Bill Gates

Photo: Courtesy of Revista Merca2.0

The founder of Microsoft Corporation dropped out of Harvard only to return in 2007 to accept an honorary Doctor of Laws degree. What is it with tech geeks who seem to drop out early of college? Slide to see the story of this eminent basketball player!

5. Shaquille O’Neal

Photo: Courtesy of Eater Vegas

He is one of the greatest players in the history of the NBA and even though he left early to pursue his NBA career, he continued his education after becoming a professional player. He earned a PhD in leadership and education from Barry University. The next one is a true empowered woman!

4. Miuccia Prada

Photo: Courtesy of PRETATROQUER

Miuccia Prada is an Italian billionaire fashion designer and businessperson and is now the co-CEO for Prada, together with her husband. She earned a PhD in political science in the University of Milan. It seems like she is taking substantial steps to venture into politics, as she stated. Next one is one of the most famous psychologists in TV!

3. Phil McGraw

Photo: Courtesy of TuDiabetes

Dr. Phil is an American television personality, author, psychologist, and the host of the television show Dr. Phil, which debuted in 2002. He earned his PhD in clinical psychology in the University of North Texas. Slide to find out which rock guitarist has a PhD!

2. Brian May

Photo: Courtesy of Culto – La Tercera

Brian May, the famous guitarist from the English rock band Queen got a PhD in astrophysics from London’s Imperial College. An impressive mind behind a true gifted musician. Don’t miss the last one! You’ll be shocked.

1. Mayim Balik

Photo: Courtesy of TV Guide

We all know her for her role as Dr. Amy Farrah Fowler in The Big Bang Theorywhere she plays a neuroscientist. However, very few people know that she is an actual neuroscientist! Balik earned her PhD in neuroscience from the University of California in 2007.