Top 10 Tips to Improve Your Writing


  1. It’s all about passion. You have to be passionate about what you are writing. If your writing lacks passion, it really is no “writing”.

  2. What is your strong point? What kind of writing are you capable of delivering? There are so many kinds of writing. Technical writing, scriptwriting, SEO writing. What are you good at?

  3. Creativity! Creativity is the key to great writing. If you are not creative, then there really is no point in writing just for the sake of writing, your writing will be dull.

  4. Keep an open mind. The best writers are those whose thoughts are open to different viewpoints. You need to accept all kinds of opinions – whether you like it or not – that is one of the strong points of a great writer.

  5. Are you writing for yourself? If you want to earn money from writing, you need to understand – you are not writing for yourself. You are writing to earn money – and that means there are certain parameters involved when you write.

  6. Patience! Writing is a lonely profession. You have to spend long, lonely hours – writing and writing. It takes a toll on you. You have to be extremely patient if you want to be a good writer.

  7. Research! Earning money from writing means you just cannot write whatever you want. You need to analyze things. You need to study the market. You need to see who is writing what and what kind of writing is in demand.

  8. Keep a schedule. If you have to write on a daily basis, make a schedule – and stick to it. That is a hallmark of a true writer.

  9. Never ever plagiarize – you will be rejected and lose your reputation.

  10. Don’t stop writing. Just keep at it – that’s what great writing is all about. Practice makes perfect. 

These are 10 tips to improve your writing skills – make use of them – they will really help you if you want to make money from writing.