Top 10 ways to renovate your home

The moment we think of renovating our home, most of us dread at the thought of it. Home renovations are important but they are never easy, as it can easily take days or even months to get the complete home renovated. Therefore, we bring to you precisely 10 most important tips to ensure your home renovation is a success:

1. Knowing your home: You need to critically analyze every aspect of your home to determine which rooms and areas of your home need renovation. Also, you need to take into consideration the kind of impact the renovation will have on the basic systems such as plumbing, wiring etc.

2. Homework: One of the ingredients to a successful home renovation project is doing your homework on how much and what kind of renovation does your home require. It is always a good idea to surf through various magazines or talk with friends and neighbors to get a more detailed idea on home renovation.

3. Planning the renovation: While doing the homework is more about gathering information and getting an overview on the complete renovation project, planning is getting down to the specifications. It is about studying your home and knowing where and what is exactly required. For instance, figuring out if you need to paint a particular wall, room or the complete house.

4. Figuring out finances: You need to work on a budget before you get started on the renovation project. An estimated cost will help curb overspending and not cross the threshold. Hence, scout various stores to get a good deal on different types of doors, windows, wall coverings, furniture fixtures, flooring, paints etc.

5. Choosing professionals: It is always a good idea to get your home renovation done through a professional. Speak to a couple of them before you decide to hand over your home renovation project because you want someone with credibility and reliability.

 6. Relocating temporarily: If your home is going to undergo a major renovation for a couple of months, then it is advisable to relocate to another home situated nearby. This is particularly important if a family member is unwell or allergic to certain elements. 

7. Pack and store: Before the professionals take over, do ensure you properly pack and store all the essentials. Remove all the decorative, personal and utility items. Pack the furniture well so that they are not
damaged or hampered in any manner.

 8. Monitoring the work: Simply, handing over the job to the professionals is not enough because you would need to personally monitor the progress. Track the pace at which the renovation is being done or if you find problem with any aspect, immediately discuss it with the professional.

 9. Inspecting post renovation: Once the renovation is over, it is important to inspect the site completely to ensure everything has been done as per your requirements. 

10. Adding your touch: Finally, there is nothing like moving into your newly renovated home and adding your special touch by putting everything in its place.