Top #15 Dark TV Moments That Broke Our Hearts

Everyone wants to turn on their favorite TV show and just relax and have a few laughs, but what happens when things take a dark turn? Here are some TV moments that left us stunned! Make sure you don’t miss #13, #8 and #2. Brace yourselves…the feels (and the spoilers) are coming!

#15. Homer Finding Out His Mom Abandoned Him

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Everyone cried seeing Homer deal with this dark childhood memories. It is specially hard to watch Homer looking up at the night sky after losing his mother a second time. Up next, a scene that many of us sadly can identify still nowadays…

#14. A School Shooting

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The early 2000 TV Series One Tree Hill showed a harsh reality of America when the characters had to deal with a school shooting back in an episode aired  in 2006. It sure was scary but it was one of the show’s best episodes. Make sure you don’t miss the next one, it was one of the saddest deaths in TV and in real life.

#13. The Cory Monteith Tribute Episode

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After the death by an accidental drug overdose of the 31-year-old actor Cory Monteith, the producers of Glee had to deal with the remains of his character. Although the details of his death were not addressed, the cast (including his girlfriend in the real life, Lea Michelle) had the opportunity to say goodbye to Finn Hudson in the episode “The Quarterback.” Up next, a GoT moment we can’t get off our heads.

#12. The ‘Red Wedding’

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Boy did this episode had us gasping and crying or what? It’s a known fact that George R. R. Martin doesn’t shy away from killing off main characters in Game of Thrones; but as a fan and after watching all seasons I can tell you you don’t become accustomed! This was by far one of the most painful scenes to watch, it even inspired people to upload their reaction videos. Slide to see the next scene from Boy Meets World.

#11. Claire Revealing Her Abusive Father Beat Her


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1993 TV Show Boy Meets World dealt with tough topics back in the day, but Claire’s revelation of an abusive household was unexpected. Slide to see one of the many sad moments from Grey’s Anatomy.

#10. When Denny Duquette Died

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In super succesful TV drama Grey’s Anatomy, Denny (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) was suffering from severe heart failure when Izzie Stevens (Katherine Heigl) fell in love with him. After successfully receiving his heart transplant (and proposing to her), he then ended up dying because the stitches did not resist his coughing. Izzie found out that he was a very rich man and he had left her a check to establish the Denny Duquette Memorial Clinic. Up next, another medical drama scene that melted our hearts.

#9. Dr. Mark Greene’s Death

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We just couldn’t leave this out of the list. It was 2002, ER was (and still is) a major success and was probably the pioneer in the medical drama genre. Sad-sack Dr. Greene (Anthony Edwards), who was divorced from his wife and not keeping in tough with his daughter, Rachel, when he was diagnosed with an aggressive terminal brain tumor. Ultimately, he reconciled with his daughter just in time to have one last father-daughter conversation before passing on. Slide to see another heart-breaking moment!

#8. Robin Revealing She Can’t Have Children

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How I Met Your Mother had several heartbreaking moments, one of them being the moment find out that the kids Robin had been talking to the entire episode were just imaginary! Slide to see the next one!

#7. Earl Ending Up in A Coma

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In My Name is Earl, no one expected Earl to be hit by a car but ending up in a coma was even more unexpected! The next one will have you crying with anger!

#6. Terry Being A Victim Of Racial Profiling

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Brooklyn 99 is a show that doesn’t shy away from dealing with tough topics. There was an episode where beloved character Terry was stopped by another cop and fell victim to racial profiling and it was completely heartbreaking. Up next, another HIMYM moment we won’t forget.

#5. Marshal Finding Out His Dad Died

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Of course this couldn’t be left out of the list. It was so shocking when, out of nowhere, Lily tells Marshall his dad died. Jump into the time machine, in the next slide we’re taking you to a 2000s TV show moment that changed our lives for ever!

#4. Buffy Revealing She Didn’t Want To Be Resurrected

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In Buffy The Vampire Slayer After risking everything and sacrificing herself, Buffy was saved by her friends, but it was so shocking when she said that she was better off dead and that they had torn her from the peace she had finally found. Click Next to see the Top #3!

#3. Dre and Rainbow Separating in Black-ish

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In American sitcom TV series Black-ish, the happily married couple separated and it sure was painful. Oh boy…next one was certainly sad (at least for our little age!)

#2 Will Breaking Down In Tears

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In The Fresh Prince of Bel Air, Will says he’s doing better without his father his whole life gives me chills, but then the scene gets more upsetting when he cries talking about his father abandoning him. Slide to see which scene made it to the top.

#1. Fry Finding His Dog

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“Dog’s are a man’s best friend” isn’t just a saying. In Futurama, when Fry discovered that his dog faithfully waited for him for 12 years my heart just broke. Poor Seymour was turned into a fossil waiting for Fry to come home. Even if they later wrote a timeline where they reunite, it’s too late now for my poor heart!