Top #20 Best Places to Live Abroad

Ever wondered where American expats go? Here’s a list of the 20 best places to live abroad! Be sure to check #7 and #3!


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Russia is a mosaic of different cultures and natural and urban landscapes. Also, Russians are known for being tolerant. However, for American expats, Russia might prove uncomfortable as there is a tendency to demonize the US (and viceversa) by the media and by the government. Slide for a more tropical option!


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One of the main reasons people are so attracted to Vietnam is that the cost of living is relatively low. Entertainment, food, transport: everything costs less. However, it ranks quite low in health, childcare and overall quality of life. Next one is one of our favorites!


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Living in Ireland will provide you with the opportunity to travel to any country you wish in Europe during the weekends or your vacations. Also, it gives you the opportunity to get immersed in its culture and history. However, the country is in the bottom on disposable income, career progression and wage worth. You’ll never guess the next one!


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Hong Kong might prove to be the perfect place for you to settle down as it is often described as one of the safest cities in the world, with its low crime rates. Also, it provides you with easy and cheap access to many Asian destinations. On the other hand, it is one of the most expensive and densely-populated cities in the world. You’ll be surprised with all the things the next one has to offer!


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Being so vast and diverse, Mexico provides expats with all kinds of climates and spectacular sceneries and also, it offers the perfect mix of both ancient traditions and modern lifestyles. The bad news? This country is far from being safe: it comes 26th in the rank. Slide to see a true Asian pearl!


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Malaysia’s crime rates are lower than most Western countries. Also, Expats have easy access to acquiring residential homes, even freehold; and health services are quite efficient at a substantially lower cost than that in many other countries. Europe is a beautiful continent, next one is another of our favorites!

#14. SPAIN

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The famous Mediterranean diet makes Spain an exceptionally healthy place to live in; and the quality of health care is outstanding. Also, after much struggling, property investment is finally gaining ground again. You’ll never believe how beautiful this country is!


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Indonesia is a country know for its hospitable and warm people. Also, it promises some of the most beautiful landscapes you could see, as well as plenty of sports and activities such as surf and diving. We promise you you’ll be surprised with the next one!

#12. INDIA

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What expats find so appealing about India is that they see in this country the opportunities they need to start a new business or career since it is a thriving economy. Also, living there is really cheap: healthcare, groceries, clothing, childcare, they all cost less. Slide to see an option especially for the retired!


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If you are retired, France is definitely one of the best options you should consider. Around 75% of expats assert they found the better quality of life they were looking for. Slide to start the top #10!


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The UAE has a thriving economy and high-level salaries, which makes it an interesting option for expats looking for a career. In fact, the UAE has lots of high-paying jobs for expats, who are typically young. However, Islamic traditions and ideals and their strict rules for public conduct make this country a very conservative one. The next one is one of the safest places in the world!


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Though salaries aren’t particularly high, the cost of living is much lower compared to the West. Everything from food, to housing, to transportation is significantly lower.  Also, Taiwan is one of the safest countries in the world. Slide to find out which countryis at the top in Economy matters.


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Switzerland ranks first in Economy. Four out of five expats say their job security feels better or just as stable in Switzerland compared to home, making it a good place to take a career leap. However, high salaries are necessary because groceries, healthcare, accommodation, everything is more expensive. Slide to see an option for those who love the cold whether!


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Expats say this is a great place for family life and to raise kids, by reason of the low costs of child care. However, it is a place that it’s hard to get used to, due to its climatic conditions being so harsh. Not a cold weather fan? The next one will surely be the one for you!


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Australia provides expats with a better work-life balance. Australians have built a reputation for being laid-back and friendly and apparently, that’s actually true! Also, healthcare in Australia is ranked among the best in the world. Slide to start the top #5!


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Bahrain is invested heavily in the sectors of banking and tourism, unlike many other countries in the Persian Gulf relying solely rely upon oil. Moreover, the residential options are diverse, and overall, approachable to meet the demands of all groups. What’s more, the government does not impose any kind of income or tax on wealth. The next one is really close to home and it’s pretty promising too!


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Canada has built a reputation for being a liberal and welcoming society. Expats report that it’s not at all difficult to integrate and make friends. Moreover, Canada has one of the strongest economies in the world, providing a wide range of career options for the ambitious expat. Slide to see who made it to the final #3!


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Germany is popular among expats for its outstanding job security and first-class health programs. Another advantage is that it has the lowest average working hours in the world (26 hours a week), which expats say improved their work-life balance. The next one is simply perfect.


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New Zealand ranks first for the ease of adjusting and making friends in a new place. Also, the Government has implemented several measures to encourage expats to move to New Zealand to take up jobs that cannot be filled locally. Slide to see the best place to live in!


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The country is excellent for raising children thanks to its top-notch childcare and education, though it is not accessible. But in order to thrive, you have to be career-driven since work-life balance is quite low. Expats concur in that work-related stress levels are higher than back home.