Top 25 "most Frequently Played Songs in my Itunes Library


Too Much Heaven      Eiffel 65    37

Ain’t No Mountain High EnoughDiana Ross         28

Poker Face         Lady GaGa          28

Whataya Want from Me     Adam Lambert  26

Till YOu Come Back to Me  Aretha Franklin 26

Pocketful of Sunshine         Natasha Bedingfield  25

Arizona     Paul Revere & the Raiders23

(Just like) Romeo & Julie    The Reflections           23

Rappers Delight         Sugarhill Gang   23

It’s All about the Roosevelts       Taco Bell   23

I Do, I Do, I Do   Abba          21

Time of your Life        David Cook        21

Mr. Businessman       Ray Stevens       21

This Old Heart of Mine       Isley Brothers   20

Fire  Ohio Players      20

Chaiyya Chaiyya         AR Rahman        19

Love’s Lines, Angles, and Rhymes       19

Sweet Escape     Gwen Stefani     19

It’s Getting Better       Mama Cass         19

Nowhere to Run         Martha Reeves-Vandellas  19

Bad Blood          Neil Sedaka w/Elton John            19

FaithGeorge Michael           18

Stay with me tonight           Jeffrey Osborne          18

Lovers Concerto         Sarah Vaughn    18

I’m Living in Shame   Diana Ross & Supremes     17

Out of these songs, there is one that I have in common with both my son’s list and my daughter’s list, who are both teenagers. That song is Adam Lambert’s Whataya Want From Me.

My daughter and I also have Poker Face by Lady Gaga in common, as most frequently played.

I can explain the reason some of the songs are on the list. The rest are just my favorite to listen to at the moment.

Too Much Heaven was a song I had never heard before hearing it playing in the background of a Funny Dogs video on Itunes.

Whataya Want From Me is a song by the artist my entire family thought was robbed on the American Idol win the season before last.

Songs by Motown artists are easy to explain, because the greatest songs ever recorded came from Motown artists.

Rappers Delight is my favorite ‘rap’ song. I only have a few I really like, including Eminem’s latest hit, Not Afraid, which surprisingly, I like very much.

Arizona was a song I always liked, but forgot about, until Arizona’s Immigration Law became a hot topic of controversy.

Fire is because of Hell’s Kitchen. I love Chef Gordon Ramsey.

Chaiyya Chaiyya is from The Inside Man, a movie starring one of my favorite actors, Denzel Washington.

It’s Getting Better was played on an episode of my most-missed TV show ever, LOST.

The rest, who knows?

What are your top 25 most played from your iTunes Library?